dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server Features

This page provides a comprehensive listing of features available in dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server. For a list of new features see What's New in 4.0.

Supported versions of SQL server

What SQL Server versions are supported?

  • SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008R2, 2008, 2005, 2000
  • SQL Server Express 2008 and 2005
  • SQL Azure

Schema Comparison

What else can be compared?

  • Snapshots of schemas (of all SQL Server versions listed above)
  • SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008R2, 2008, 2005 backup files
  • Custom mapped tables

Supported schema objects

Supported schema objects

  • Application Role
  • Assembly
  • Asymmetric Key
  • Broker Priority
  • Certificate
  • Contract
  • DDL Trigger
  • Default
  • Event Notification
  • Full Text Catalog
  • Full Text Stoplist
  • Function
  • Message Type
  • Partition Function
  • Partition Scheme
  • Procedure
  • Queue
  • Remote Service Binding
  • Role
  • Route
  • Rule
  • Schema
  • Search Property List
  • Sequence
  • Service
  • Symmetric Key
  • Synonym
  • Table
  • User
  • User Defined Type
  • View
  • XML Schema Collection

Generate Script

Generate Script

  • Schema Export (Generate Script Wizard)
  • Schema only backups in addition to full backups
  • Large database support
  • Generate Script projects to save settings for future use
  • Zip compression for export files
  • Command line support for scheduling schema export tasks
  • Error and status logging

Non-shecma sync

What non-schema objects can be synchronized?

  • Database properties
  • Objects' extended properties
  • Per-object security permissions

Code comparison

T-SQL code comparison features

  • Ignore white spaces and comments in code
  • Ignore differences in identifier and keyword case
  • Decrypt and compare encrypted objects

Analyze comparison results

How can I analyze comparison results?

  • Filter, group, and sort objects in results
  • View DDL differences for each pair of objects
  • Preview schema update script for each object
  • Generate schema comparison report in Excel and HTML formats

Synchronization features

Synchronization features

  • Create accurate synchronization scripts
  • Migrate any schema differences (individual, selected, or all)
  • Dependency check to script objects in the correct order for updates
  • Automatic resolving of synchronization issues
  • Warnings on controversial points prior to synchronization

Routine tasks synchronization

How can I automate my routine tasks?

  • Save comparison project settings for future use
  • Use command line interface for automatic routine synchronizations

Schema snapshots

Schema snapshots and version control integration

  • Create schema snapshots for audit and roll-back purposes
  • Automatically commit snapshots to version control system
  • Compare previous versions of schema with current one (integration with Team Foundation Server and Subversion supported)

View the list of features regarding editions at the Editions page.

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