Code Compare History
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4.2.236 22-Aug-17

4.2.233 31-May-17

4.2.221 28-Feb-17

Visual Studio 2017 RC4 support

Code Compare v4.2 is compatible with the new Visual Studio 2017 right from its release date.

Syntax highlighting for Less, Sass, and TypeScript files

The helpful feature is now available for the three file formats popular in web development.

Interface scaling support on high-DPI monitors

Code Compare interface scaling was added as developers tend to increase the scale of an image for comfortable work on large screens.

Number of bugs fixed

A bunch of feature requests has been implemented in this version.

4.1.78 31-Jul-15

The release of Code Compare 4.1 provides the following functionality:

4.0.77 4-Dec-14

4.0.75 1-Dec-14

4.0.54 29-Apr-14

4.0.51 10-Apr-14

4.0.41 02-Apr-14

Automatic File Merging

Now Code Compare enables to merge two revisions of the same file automatically. The only thing you have to do manually is to resolve conflicts.

Product Registration with License Keys

Improved Three-Way Merge

New UI Themes in Standalone Code Compare

Now the standalone version of Code Compare looks just like Visual Studio 2013.

Other Improvements

3.1.55 28-Jan-14

3.1.39 28-Oct-13

New Features:

Bug Fixes:

3.0.44 29-May-13

3.0.39 14-May-13

Increased Application Startup Speed

Code Compare startup speed has significantly increased.

Improved Text Comparison Interface

The text comparison interface of the application has been reworked to become more self-explanatory and user-friendly.

Implemented XML Structure Comparison

This feature allows you to compare and merge well-formed XML files taking into account their structure.

Improved Folder Comparison

Folder comparison has been enhanced with a range of new features.

Improved Comparison Options Setup

Improved General Application Management

Added Atmel Studio Integration

Code Compare integration into the Atmel Studio integrated development environment has been implemented.

Discontinued Visual Studio 2008 Support

Visual Studio 2008 support is discontinued. For Visual Studio 2008 users, we keep Code Compare 2.80 available for download from our website.

2.80.11 21-Nov-12

2.80.10 16-Oct-12

2.80.9 4-Oct-12

2.80.8 10-Sen-12

2.80.7 6-Sen-12

2.80.6 4-Sen-12

2.80.5 6-Aug-12

2.80.4 25-Jul-12

2.80.3 27-Jun-12

2.80.2 20-Jun-12

2.80.1 19-Jun-12

2.70.7 15-Mar-12

2.70.6 3-Feb-12

2.70.5 27-Jan-12

2.70.4 17-Jan-12

2.70.3 1-Nov-11

2.70.2 27-Oct-11

2.70.1 19-Oct-11

2.60.11 27-Sep-11

2.60.10 20-Jul-11

2.60.9 16-Jun-11

2.60.8 30-May-11

2.60.7 17-May-11

2.60.6 16-May-11

2.60.5 18-Apr-11

2.60.4 13-Apr-11

2.60.3 7-Apr-11

2.60.2 23-Mar-11

2.60.1 25-Feb-11

2.50.13 8-Feb-11

2.50.12 18-Jan-11

2.50.11 13-Jan-11

2.50.10 27-Dec-10

2.50.9 9-Dec-10

2.50.8 2-Dec-10

2.50.7 25-Nov-10

2.50.6 18-Nov-10

2.50.5 12-Nov-10

2.50.4 11-Nov-10

2.50.3 2-Nov-10

2.50.2 1-Nov-10

2.50.1 28-Oct-10

2.00.13 12-Nov-10

2.00.12 18-Oct-10

2.00.11 14-Oct-10

2.00.10 27-Aug-10

2.00.9 18-Aug-10

2.00.8 28-Jul-10

2.00.7 27-Jul-10

2.00.6 23-Jul-10

2.00.5 16-Jul-10

2.00.4 09-Jul-10

2.00.3 08-Jul-10

2.00.2 07-Jul-10

2.00.1 06-Jul-10

1.00.11 23-Jun-10

1.00.10 14-Jun-10

1.00.9 25-May-10

1.00.8 21-May-10

1.00.7 12-May-10

1.00.1 13-Apr-10

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