Broad Compatibility Options

dbForge Data Generator for MySQL is compatible with:

  • All MySQL server versions
  • All MariaDB server versions
  • Cloud services: Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Google Cloud, Oracle MySQL Cloud, Alibaba Cloud
  • Security connections: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Secure Shell (SSH), HTTP Tunneling, PAM Percona

More on Connectivity and Compatibility

dbForge Studio for MySQL Compatibility

Full support for all MySQL column data types

The tool supports a massive range of column data types, including:

  • All spatial data types

Multiple generators with data customization

Data Generator comes with individual generators for each supported data type, that allow to customize:

  • Number of NULL rows
  • Number of empty rows
  • Data uniqueness
  • Value ranges
  • Value distribution mode

MySQL data integrity support

The tool supports foreign keys for generation of consistent data across multiple tables. It also allows disabling triggers and constraints to avoid interference with database logic.

MySQL data distribution modes

The tool provides several data distribution modes, that allow fine-tuning the way you want data to be generated. In particular, you can:

  • Specify the exact number of rows
  • Generate data by percent proportion of existing data
  • Generating data by a time specified
  • Generate data using a linked table
  • Generate data to existing tables already populated with data

Multiple ways to populate data

The generated data population script that can immediately be executed against a MySQL database, saved for the future use or edited in the internal editor.

Basic generators

With collection of basic generators, you can populate tables with various types of values. The tool includes about 20 basic generators, including RegExp, JSON, Python, XML, Lorem Ipsum, Shuffled Text, Weighted List, and many, many others.

Meaningful generators

dbForge Data Generator for MySQL includes 200+ real-world generators, that allow populating tables with the realistic-looking test data. Meaningful generators are organized in the groups, like Business, IT, Location, Payment, Personal, Product, etc. Thus, if you are not happy with the automatically assigned generator, you can easily navigate through the list and pick up the right one.

User-defined generators

You can create, save, and use your own generators that would better meet your needs, instead of customizing existing generators over and over again.

Real-time preview of generated data

A convenient preview pane gives you real-time visualization of the changes you make while you adjust data generation settings. This gives you an opportunity to quickly make visual assessment of the data that will be generated.

Command-line interface

With the command-line functionality, you can save time by scheduling routine data generation tasks. The tool also allows creating a command line execution file to run routine database documentation tasks in a single click.