dbForge Data Compare for MySQL History

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5.5.36 07-May-19

User reported bug fixes

5.5.20 15-Jan-19


User reported bugs fixed

5.4.38 20-Nov-18

User reported bug fixes

5.4.37 17-Oct-18

User reported bug fixes

5.4.26 14-Aug-18

User reported bug fixes

5.4.11 27-Jun-18

Support for new servers

User reported bug fixes

5.3.21 12-Apr-18

Support for new servers

Other features and improvements

User reported bug fixes

5.1.17 09-Jun-17

5.1.11 30-Nov-16

User reported bugs fixed

5.1.10 17-Nov-16

5.0.11 29-Feb-16

5.0.9 26-Feb-16

Support for MySQL 5.7

Other features and improvements

User reported bug fixes

4.3.29 02-Feb-15

Data Comparison and Sync

SQL Editing and Execution

Data Editor

Other Features and Improvements

4.2.19 31-Jul-14

Database Connectivity

User Interface

4.1.13 30-Jan-14

Database connectivity support

All known MySQL and MariaDB servers' features are available to use. In this version the following servers are supported:

MariaDB Virtual Columns are supported

Pluggable authentication is supported

The product provides the extended support of pluggable authentication modules for MySQL servers

Minor features and improvements

User reported bug fixes

4.0.102 26-Nov-13

4.0.92 22-Oct-13

4.0.77 25-Sep-13

4.0.67 23-Aug-13

4.0.59 31-Jul-13

4.0.43 27-Jun-13

4.0.34 23-May-13

4.0.18 22-Apr-13

New features in the data comparison tool

New features of SQL Editor

New window docking system

Minor features

User reported bug fixes

3.5.23 15-June-12

3.5.18 21-May-12

3.5.17 23-Apr-12

3.5.11 13-Jan-12

3.5.9 23-Jun-11

3.5.7 19-May-11

3.5.6 04-May-11

New Extended Data Comparison reports

Comparison process improvement

More informative progress during Data comparison

Support for MySQL server 5.5

Our product is fully compatible with MySQL server version 5.5

Enhanced Data Editor

Newly added features and a few totally redesigned ones provide even more freedom when working with data.

New state-of-the-art skins

Four new UI skins added to improve the application appearance.

Other improvements

3.00.5 04-Aug-10

New Features

Diverse testing and close interaction with database developers, admins and casual users resulted in thoughtful redesign and enhancement of Data Comparison tool. Now it embraces the following:

User reported bug fixes

2.0.20 11-Feb-10

1.10.352 28-Aug-09

1.0.302 23-July-09

First release of dbForge Data Compare for MySQL

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