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Database Tools

Must-have SQL Server tools and tools for MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL database development, management and administration

Data Connectivity

The most trusted solutions for your data connectivity needs: ADO.NET, ODBC, SSIS, Excel, dbExpress, Delphi Components

Productivity Tools

Write code, create reviews, compare sources, track the working hours with the web app, utilize the power of ORM Solutions

Data Services

Data integration, online backup, web-based SQL tools, cloud connectivity solution

Supported Schema Objects

  • Tables
  • Views
  • Procedures
  • Functions
  • Triggers
  • Events
  • UDFs

Database Structure Comparison Setup

  • Fine-tuning comparison with Schema Comparison Wizard
  • Comparison options to ignore some event options
  • Swap button to swap Target and Source databases on Schema Comparison wizard
  • Comparison options to ignore some table options, DEFINER and SQL SECURITY expressions, default values for columns
  • Filtering object types for comparison
  • Ignore autoincrement table option
  • Ignoring ENDS clause

How can I analyze comparison results?

  • Clear display of schema differences in the grid
  • DDL differences in the text comparer with multicolor highlights based on the difference type
  • Group objects by their type automatically
  • Manage groups of objects in the comparison document
  • Filter objects by name or difference type
  • Sort compared objects
  • Exclude objects from synchronization
  • Save and load comparison settings

How can I export data comparison results?

  • Generate data comparison report in the HTML, Excel XML, and XML for Excel file formats
  • Report on selected objects only

Synchronization Features

  • Create accurate synchronization scripts
  • Synchronization script preview for any separate schema object
  • Options to customize the synchronization script output
  • Warnings on possible data losses or errors during synchronization
  • Asynchronous structure synchronization

Database Backup and Restore

  • Comprehensive MySQL backup wizard
  • Database Restore Wizards
  • Schema- or data-only backups in addition to full backups
  • Support for large (exceeding 2 Gb) databases
  • Backup projects for saving settings for the future use
  • Zip compression for backup files
  • Command line interface for backup scheduling
  • Command-line interface for database restore
  • Error and status logging

How can I automate my routine tasks?

  • Command line launch for schema comparison and synchronization
  • Creation of command line execution file to run routine schema comparison and synchronization tasks in a single click

SQL Execution and Data Management

  • Show query text and retrieved data at the same time
  • Execution of SQL scripts and queries
  • Data editor with in-place filtering, grouping, and sorting options
  • Paginal data access for large result sets
  • Graphical card view for data editor
  • Large objects (LOB) viewer
  • Text search in data editor
  • Data printing
  • Postpone sending data updates to the server (Cached updates mode)
  • Code completion
  • SQL code formatter
  • Formatting code through the command line
  • Query execution pane

Clear User Interface

  • Wide variety of UI skins
  • Customizable window layout
  • Tool windows with 'auto-hide' and 'float' modes
  • Multiple shortcut schemes with full shortcut customization
  • Tabbed groups for documents
  • Toolbars customization
  • Windows connection coloring
  • Restoring document tabs from the last session
  • Switching between wizard window and primary window