dbForge Studio for MySQL History

19-Apr-11 Release of dbForge Studio 5.00

See the hightlights of dbForge Studio 5.00 in What's New section.

21-Jun-10 Release of dbForge Studio 4.50

Extended Express Edition

The following tools are added:

  • Session Manager
  • Server Variables
  • Table Maintenance Wizard
  • Flush dialog box
  • Database Backup Wizard with some limitations. It does not support command line, backup projects, autodelition of old backup files, compression, and bakup files larger than 1 MB.
  • Database Restore Wizard

Besides, Database Designer now supports 10 tables and Query Builder can work with 3 tables.

Redesigned Database Backup Wizard

Schema Export wizard has been totally redesigned to provide more freedom for backing up schemas. It features the following:

  • Capability to save backup options for future use
  • Support of command line interface. You can back up schemas in automatic mode using Windows task scheduler
  • Automatic archiving of schema backup scripts
  • Writing a report about backup process into a log file
  • Automatic removing old backup files based on date or quantity

New tool for database developers - Query Profiler

dbForge Studio offers results of internal MySQL tools like SHOW PROFILE and EXPLAIN in a convenient and clear GUI. Besides, you get STATUS variables for the required query automatically calculated.

Additional benefits:

  • Plan of the query displayed in the tree view for easy review
  • Profiling history that can be saved for further analysis
  • Capability to compare profiling results in two clicks
  • Capability to print profiling results

Revised Data Comparison tool

Diverse testing and close interaction with database developers, admins and casual users resulted in thoughtful redesign and enhancement of Data Comparison tool. Now it embraces the following:

  • Capability to compare and synchronize database of any size
  • Increased performance of comparison processes
  • Generating accurate comparison reports in HTML and Excel formats
  • Capability to change synchronization direction in one click
  • New comparison options: Ignore columns by mask, Ignore trailing spaces, Round float types
  • Quick filtering tables in comparison results
  • Optimized object management during custom synchronization
  • Capability to edit values of default comparison options
  • New synchronization option Exclude Comments

Improved Query Builder tool

Meet a stronger Query Builder tailored for creating complex conditions with several clicks. The new power is based on the following:

  • Optimized performance of the Selection tab in the expression editor
  • New Wrap to Subquery option to wrap tables into a subquery
  • Visual addition of subqueries to any part of the main query
  • Optimized navigation in the editor, particularly between subqueries
  • Capability to edit view location in the query document
  • Joins show connection direction; better described connection properties
  • New skin for objects on the diagram

Quick generating template SQL scripts for database objects

Thanks to this new functionality, you can save your time while working with database objects. For example, you can quickly generate template SQL scripts CREATE, DROP, SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE scripts for tables. This option is available in the context menu and called ‘Create Script As’.

A few improvements in Schema Comparison tool

  • Extended capabilities of Schema Comparison wizard
  • New comparison options to ignore some table options, DEFINER and SQL SECURITY expressions, default values for columns

Other improvements

  • New SQL document view layout - now you can see query text and retrieved data at the same time
  • Generate DDL wizard was renamed into Generate Schema Script

10-Feb-10 Release of dbForge Studio 4.00

Data Import

Guided by a click-and-pick wizard, the users can easily import data from seven widely-popular formats (CSV, DBF, MS Access, MS Excel, ODBC, Text, XML) with a multitude of settings to meticulously tune the data.

Improved Data Editor

Up to 40 improvements were implemented to create quicker, easier, and more delighted ways for data management. The Data Editor spares tens of mouse clicks a day for you saying nothing of tens of frowns.

Pivot Grid

The users can convert large amounts of data into compact and informative summaries - pivot tables. They can rearrange any obscure data by a simple drag of a mouse to get the layout best for understanding data relations and dependencies.

Data Reports

Every user can benefit from a modern way of generating reports. Less time and manual work is required — from getting required data from a database, analyzing, to printing it as a smart, clear, and stylish report tuned for each particular case.

Virtual Relations on Database Diagram

Besides physically existing foreign key relations, dbForge Studio for MySQL allows creating virtual relations. They help create relations between those tables which storage engine do not support foreign keys. Later virtual relations can be easily converted into physical foreign keys.

Command Line Launch for Data and Schema Synchronization Tools

This gives more freedom for the users who perform repeated synchronizations. It takes only to set a desired time to launch the process and then come back to check the desired result at a proper time.

Schema Comparison Reports

Keeping records of schema changes is now automated. dbForge Studio for MySQL can generate a clear and attractive comparison reports upon the comparison completion.

Improvements to Better Serve Specific Users' Needs

The new version contains many essential improvements that increase the efficiency in working with data. Here are some of them: addition of active database selector to SQL Document, SQL formatting improvements, redesign of stored procedure/function editor and SQL execution parameter editor.

12-Aug-09 Release of dbForge Studio 3.60

Unlimited database connectivity

It is good news for web developers working with remote databases, as employment of remote connections becomes as simple as local ones. dbForge Studio v 3.60 offers totally redesigned HTTP tunneling with simple tunneling script uploading to the web site. No need to remember multi-step procedures using other tools. To provide more flexibility while using SSH connection, public key authentication is supported.

Higher performance on large databases

Having passed multiple performance tests on large databases with all database objects, including hundreds of tables, thousands of records, possessing various data types, dbForge Studio for MySQL v 3.60 proved marked performance improvement as compared with the previous version and beneficial leading among competitive programs.

The results of performance tests show that dbForge Studio for MySQL v 3.60 combines high performance with accuracy and correctness to ensure high quality and efficient database management. For example, dbForge Studio v 3.60 has 3 times faster data comparison and 4 times faster schema export compared to the previous versions.

One more improvement is asynchronous execution of stored procedure. It is a great benefit when working with slow procedures.

Optimized database connectivity

In contrast to the prior version dbForge Studio v 3.60 reduced network traffic up to several times for performing such common tasks as opening connections, managing database objects, performing schema and data export, retrieving data from tables, executing procedures or stopping the execution. This optimization makes possible to use dbForge Studio v 3.60 in cases of traffic limitations.

24-Apr-09 Release of dbForge Studio 3.50

A new excellent database diagram

The new version includes the best visual online database design tool for MySQL - Database Designer. It is indispensable for anyone who needs to build a clear and effective database structure visually and get the complete picture representing all the tables, foreign key relations between them, views, and stored routines of the required database.

It streamlines access to the database objects for viewing their properties, editing, retrieving data, and executing stored routines. The database diagram enables reverse engineering of databases to IDEF1X or IE diagrams, which can be easily printed.

You can see and use Database Designer in all dbForge Studio's editions. The number of database objects, supported by Database Designer, in the free Express edition is limited to 5 and in the Standard edition is limited to 20. The Professional edition contains the unlimited version of Database Designer.

Data comparison improvements

While comparing data, dbForge Studio for MySQL 3.50 better caters for the diversity of data comparison tasks. Custom object mapping delivers more freedom in comparison - you can map tables, columns, and views with different names, map columns with different types, or map a table with a view. Always you can cancel custom mapping and return to the automatic one.

Mapping process is more simple and clear, now you get detailed information about each mapped column and see warnings, for example, if a comparison key is set incorrectly. You can quickly find the required object for mapping using the Find box or filtering the list of objects by their status (the following are available: valid or invalid mapping, auto or user mapped, fully or partially mapped, included or excluded in comparison).

New mapping options Ignore Case, Ignore Spaces, Ignore Undercores are added to let you customize the comparison. Data comparison of any amounts of data has been accelerated and now is 5-10 times faster delivering more customized and understandable comparison results.

Schema comparison improvements

Schema comparison results management has become easier and quicker due to convenient filtering by object type, update operation, or status, quick search by object name, ability to group by comparison difference type and update operation or cancel grouping at all. You can grasp the comparison results even quicker thanks to their new representation.

The new version offers more speedy synchronization process, moreover adds more visibility and control, as you can preview the synchronization script for any object in the comparison results to ensure the correct synchronization result on the first try.

Optimized approach in working with large SQL scripts

The new version provides a special Execute Script Wizard to enable quick and convenient execution of large SQL scripts without waiting for their opening in the editor. It takes only to select the script and enjoy the executed result.

New additions to free Express edition

The free Express edition of dbForge Studio provides more functionality for free. Now it features the limited versions of Query Builder, powerful and visual tool for easy query creation and management, and Database Designer, an advanced tool for visual MySQL database design.

Other improvements

A number of bug fixes and minor improvements have enhanced the product performance targeting better users' satisfaction.

09-Dec-08 Release of dbForge Studio 3.10

Support of multiple database project deployment connections

Now you can set different connections for project configurations. These connections allow you to deploy the same database project to various servers. You get more freedom in handling the project. For example, you can test the project on one server and deploy the final version to another one.

Incremental database project synchronization with the server

Now when you apply the project changes to the server, you can deploy only the required ones and be sure that no data on the server will be lost as during the usual deployment. This feature is a good contribution to database development.

Database object dependencies supported

In prior versions the Generate DDL, Schema Export, New Project Wizard, Schema Synchronization wizards generated SQL scripts paying no attention to object dependencies. Now all objects in SQL scripts are generated based on object dependency sorting principle. For example, if View 1 refers to View 2, View 1 will come first or tables will follow those tables which refer to them.

This ensures that the generated SQL scripts will be executed without errors and you won't lose your time for additional code editing.

Optimized SQL editor performance

SQL editor performance has been greatly increased due to optimized parsing of SQL scripts. You can open and edit large SQL scripts quicker. Moreover, to speed up your work, automatic switching off SQL editing features in large SQL scripts is implemented.

Filter toolbar in Error List window

Filter toolbar is added to Error List window to show the quantity of errors, warnings, and messages. Also it filters the list of records, so that you can access the records of the selected type in one click.

Sample database project added to the installation

Learning the structure and peculiarities of database projects has become easier. A sample database project, based on MySQL database Sakila, is added to the installation. Using the sample, even beginners will quickly get the idea and start working with projects successfully.

01-Aug-08 Release of dbForge Studio 3.00


Starting from the version 3.00, MyDeveloper Studio becomes dbForge Studio for MySQL and is divided into three editions: Express, Standard, and Professional.

  • Express provides basic functionality for working with schema objects, user accounts, and SQL scripts. Express edition is free.
  • Standard includes all must-have tools for database developers, such as a debugger, Query Builder, code templates, object search, various export and maintenance wizards.
  • Professional features database project development functionality, schema and data comparison tools, SQL formatting and syntax checking.

Database Projects Greatly Improved

Project building to an SQL script is available with support of different build options and build configurations. Project build includes SQL syntax check, reference check, scripts processing with applying database options, and generating the result script or several scripts based on the selected order.

  • Building project to a single script
  • Building project to a collection of scripts
  • Reference check on build
  • Multiple build configurations
  • Adapting build results to specified server version
  • Schema comparison tool integration
  • Refactoring of project objects
  • Easy deleting object from project
  • All project objects in code completion list

Schema Comparison

Schema comparison tool allows you to quickly compare and synchronize either two schemas or a schema and a project. Based on your needs, a target schema can be synchronized with a source one completely or partially. Schema comparison provides the following features:

  • Compare database with database
  • Compare database with project
  • Synchronization between different server versions
  • Comparison results filtering
  • Schema synchronization script generation
  • Per object viewing of DDL differences
  • Exclude objects from synchronization
  • Save and load comparison settings

Data Comparison

Data comparison tool allows complete or partial comparing of data between different schemas. Data differences are conveniently displayed. Data comparison provides the following features:

  • Comparison of large tables
  • Optional view comparison
  • Custom comparison keys support
  • Option for BLOB data comparison
  • Comparison results filtering
  • Schema synchronization script generation
  • Per record viewing of data differences
  • Exclude tables and records from synchronization
  • Save and load comparison settings

SQL Formatting

Highly customizable code formatting allows you to set up various options for different statement kinds. SQL formatting features:

  • Automatic formatting on statement delimiter
  • Automatic formatting on paste
  • Formatting of current statement, whole document, or several documents
  • Many options can be set individually for different kinds of statements
  • Automatic placing new lines and spaces
  • Automatic case setting

Code Refactoring

Renaming of a database object in a script or project is supported. All statements, referencing to this object are automatically updated. All changes can be previewed and disabled. Updating of text strings and comments is also supported.

SQL Syntax Check

You can check your code and quickly locate errors without using MySQL server. Syntax check of the entire database project is also available.

Brand New Query Builder

Query Builder was completely re-designed to meet user needs. SQL syntax support was significantly enhanced. A number of new features were added. They include the following:

  • Support for subqueries on any nesting level
  • Powerful expression editor, which allows building very complex conditions without typing code
  • Reworked diagram with much better appearance
  • Most actions can be performed with keyboard shortcuts

Extended Data Export

A range of supported formats for export is increased. Now you can export data even to another database server through ODBC. Following output formats are now available: CVS, DBF, HTML, MS Access, MS Excel, ODBC, PDF, RTF, Text and XML. Using well-designed Data Export wizard, you can set additional parameters for each output format.

Improved Stored Routine Debugger

  • Support for session and server variables in watches
  • Some server function call processing improved

Search and Replace Extended

Following search and replace functionality was added:

  • Search in data
  • Search in LOB Viewer/Editor
  • Search and replace in project files
  • Search and replace in files on disc

Context-sensitive Help

MyDeveloper Studio provides "on the fly" support during your work. You can press F1 to quickly retrieve reference information about MySQL statements, keywords, data types and built-in functions from SQL editor.

Import and Export Settings

Import and Export Settings Wizard allows you to export and import all your settings, layout, toolbars, keyboard shortcuts. Wizard also allows you to reset settings to their default values. You may export, import, and reset settings completely or partially.

Support of new table features and storage engines

  • Partitioning support
  • Merge engine support
  • Falcon engine support

Summary Window

Summary window is added for quick access to database object properties when browsing schema with Database Explorer. It displays information about currently selected database object or a collection of objects.

20-Sep-07 Release of MyDeveloper Studio 2.10

Enhanced Code Templates

  • Code Templates window now allows you to preview code templates.
  • Code templates are now not organized in folders in the completion list and can be inserted with a typing template shortcut and pressing the TAB key.

Database Explorer Enhancements

  • Database Explorer now stores navigation history.
  • Different icons are available for different types of tables and folders.
  • Column type and size can be displayed in the Database Explorer.

Other New Features

  • The same file can be included several times in the deployment order for project deployment.
  • Security definer setting supported for views, stored procedures, and functions.
  • Comments for table columns are supported.
  • SQL Log output can now be customized.
  • Date format can now be set for the Data Editor.
  • Table columns can now be created using copy/paste operations.

06-Apr-07 Release of MyDeveloper Studio 2.00

Stored routines and SQL debugging support

Added stored procedure and SQL script debuggers.

MySQL Database Project Support

Added a project management framework for bookmarking related scripts and organizing database developments. Projects can be deployed in any order and saved to a file.

Security Manager

Completely redesigned Security Manager to control user accounts.

Improved SQL Editor

Greatly improved SQL Editor. The following features were added:

  • Enhanced Find and Replace window let you search and replace text in all opened documents and view search results in the Find Results window
  • Advanced Code completion includes keywords and objects from the parsed script
  • Parameter information
  • Quick information about pointed object in the script
  • Navigation bar for navigating to script objects and subobjects
  • Bookmarks
  • Syntax customization
  • In-place visual select statements editing with Query Builder window
  • Incremental search
  • Code navigation for jumping to the definitions of database objects and variables

Improved Working with Data

The following features added for working with data:

  • Direct data printing from data editor
  • Sequential fetch feature - not all the data can now be fetched at once, the cursor is left opened to fetch data later
  • Data output can now be redirected to the Output window and viewed as text
  • Card View mode gives a visual way to view data rows

Session Manager

Added Session Manager for controlling and analyzing user sessions.

Extended Database Object Search

Added search in object data and stored procedure source code. You can now also perform search on columns, constraints, and indexes.

Service Manager

Added Service Manager to find and control MySQL services.

Document Outlining

Added the Document Outline window for viewing the structure of SQL documents. To simplify code navigation, DML commands, DDL statements, BEGIN ... END blocks and variables are represented as single structural units.

Code Templates

Added an extensive collection of SQL and stored routine code templates.

Hot keys customizing

Added fully customizable keyboard mapping schemes.

Other new features

Table maintenance, flush and server variables support Event object support Now you can open several object editors for the same type of object in one document. The Output window now has several tabs for viewing different kinds of messages.

21-Apr-06 Release of MyDeveloper Studio 1.51

Large database import improved

MySQL Developer now allows choosing a database to import data to. Import operation performance increased.

03-Nov-05 Release of MyDeveloper Studio 1.50

User and Privileges Management

There are also many MySQL Developer improvements. User Manager and Grant Manager allow you to easily manipulate MySQL accounts and privileges.

Database Export/Import

Database Export Wizard gives you a flexible export of a database or some database objects to a script. Database export can be tuned with a lot of options. You can export objects' structure, tables' data or both of them. Database Import wizard can import a database from a script in a few clicks.

Trigger Support

MySQL Developer now supports triggers. You can use visual Trigger editor to create or edit them.

Script Support

Now you can edit or execute not only single queries but scripts too.

Stop Execution Feature

All queries and scripts are now executed asynchronously. You can continue working on other documents while executing a script. At any time you can interrupt its execution pressing the Stop execution button.

Execution of Selected SQL Fragment

You can now select and execute any part of a script or query.

Data Export

Data Export wizard allows you to export data to an external format. Export to HTML, XML, MS Excel, and Text format is supported. You can set different export options to change the result file appearance.

Dynamic Data Viewing

Use Dynamic Data Viewing to view data of a table or view just by selecting it in Database Explorer.

Paginal Data Access Mode

If a table has many records, you can use Paginal Mode to view data in parts. You can set page row count to view as many records on the page as you wish.

LOB Viewer/Editor

LOB Viewer and Editor allows you to view and edit BLOB and Text data in corresponding table fields.

Database Object Search

MySQL Developer allows you to search for database objects by name and type. You can search for an object in specific databases or in the whole server.

Secure SSL and SSH Connections Support

You can now use SSL and SSH connection for secure working with data.

Query Plan Tool

With Query Plan Tool you can analyze select statements and improve a table structure.

Duplicate Object

This feature allows you to duplicate any database object into the same or another database.

DDL Generation Wizard

This wizard generates DDL script for selected database objects. You can select objects from one or several databases for DDL script generation.

Embedded Server Support

Connection to the embedded server can be now established.

Tabbed Groups for Documents

You can open several tab groups with documents, resize them, move documents from one group to another, show only one document group.

Drag-n-Drop Files

You can now drop files on MySQL Developer window to open them. There are also many MySQL Developer improvements.

12-Apr-05 Release of MyDeveloper Studio 1.00