dbForge Studio for MySQL History

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8.1.45 07-May-19

User reported bugs fixed

8.1.22 15-Jan-19


User reported bugs fixed

8.0.124 20-Nov-18

User reported bugs fixed

8.0.108 17-Oct-18

User reported bugs fixed

8.0.80 13-Aug-18

User reported bugs fixed

8.0.40 21-Jun-18


Code Completion

User reported bugs fixed

7.4.201 04-Apr-18

User reported bugs fixed

7.4.185 28-Mar-18

SQL Document

Code Completion

Query Builder

Data Viewer

Data Export and Import

Schema Compare

Data Compare

Data Generator

Copy Database

Other Improvements

User reported bugs fixed

7.3.148 20-Feb-18

User reported bugs fixed

7.3.137 15-Jan-18

User reported bugs fixed

7.3.131 07-Dec-17

Enterprise Edition with several exclusive features is introduced


New Table Engines

Data Export/Import

SQL Document

Data and Schema Comparison

Script Generation

Database Backup and Data Export

Other Improvements

User reported bugs fixed

7.2.78 26-Jul-17

7.2.76 12-Jul-17

7.2.63 15-May-17

7.2.58 24-Mar-17

7.2.53 30-Nov-16

7.2.50 29-Nov-16

User reported bugs fixed

7.2.34 10-Nov-16

New features and improvements

User reported bugs fixed

7.1.31 30-Sep-16

7.1.30 27-Sep-16

7.1.29 23-Sep-16

7.1.26 19-Sep-16

7.1.20 13-Sep-16

7.1.13 27-Apr-16

New features

User reported bug fixes

7.0.54 23-Mar-16

7.0.52 14-Mar-16

7.0.49 29-Feb-16

7.0.46 26-Feb-16

Support for MySQL 5.7

Other features and improvements:

User reported bug fixes

6.3.358 03-Jun-15

6.3.341 30-Jan-15

6.3.339 23-Jan-15

User reported bug fixes

6.3.337 5-Jan-15

User reported bug fixes

6.3.330 25-Dec-14

User reported bug fixes

6.3.325 19-Dec-14

User reported bug fixes

6.3.323 09-Dec-14

SQL Editing and Execution

Database Explorer

Schema Comparison and Sync

Data Comparison and Sync

Data Export and Import

Data Report

Data Editor

Database Restore


Other Features and Improvements

6.2.277 27-Aug-14

User reported bugfixes and minor improvements

6.2.234 24-Jul-14

User Interface

Object Editors

Code Completion

A lot of minor improvements and bugfixes

6.1.166 19-Mar-14

6.1.164 24-Feb-14

New code formatter features

Refresh suggestions cache

Minor improvements

6.1.154 05-Feb-14

6.1.142 24-Jan-14

6.1.137 23-Jan-14

Database connectivity support

All known MySQL and MariaDB servers' features are available to use. In this version the following servers are supported:

MariaDB Virtual Columns are supported in:

Microseconds support for TIME, DATETIME and TIMESTAMP data types

Pluggable authentication is supported

The product provides the extended support of pluggable authentication modules for MySQL servers

Minor features and improvements

User reported bug fixes

6.0.622 26-Nov-13

6.0.568 22-Oct-13

6.0.493 25-Sep-13

6.0.441 23-Aug-13

6.0.399 31-Jul-13

6.0.315 27-Jun-13

6.0.265 23-May-13

6.0.189 25-Apr-13

6.0.151 12-Apr-13

6.0.128 04-Apr-13

Database refactoring

This feature allows renaming objects in a database and automatically updates links to these objects in the whole database.

Query builder with support of DML statements and usability improvements

Data export to SQL statements

Improved database object editors

New features in the data comparison tool

Improved code completion

Automated data report delivery

This feature enables users to set an automatic data report generation and delivery to the requested destination.

Setup of report's generation and delivery can be executed through the command line, providing an opportunity to use Windows scheduler for regular report generation:

Code Snippets Manager

Code Templates feature is now renamed to Code Snippets and extended with the Snippets Manager window for adding and editing SQL templates.

Improved code formatter

New window docking system

Minor features

5.0.98 23-Jul-12

5.0.82 15-June-12

5.0.76 18-May-12

5.0.72 23-Apr-12

5.0.67 02-Mar-12

5.0.63 13-Jan-12

5.0.60 06-Dec-11

5.0.54 09-Nov-11

5.0.50 05-Oct-11

5.0.48 26-Aug-11

5.0.40 13-Jul-11

5.0.37 23-Jun-11

5.0.36 16-Jun-11

5.0.33 18-May-11

5.0.30 27-Apr-11

5.0.28 19-Apr-11

Support for MySQL server 5.5

Our product is fully compatible with MySQL server version 5.5

Master-detail Browser

Explore and analyze master-detail data in a convenient browser with the following features:

Object dependency tree - unique feature

Enhanced Data Editor

Newly added features and a few totally redesigned ones provide even more freedom when working with data.

Improved Security Manager

Data Export and Import improvements

Object Viewer - a simple way to view object's details

Object Viewer (formerly known as Summary Window) was totally redesigned to provide an easier way for analyzing objects and their structure:

Brand new start page

New functional start page providing the easiest way to learn the product's features and to run the most frequently used ones added.

New state-of-the-art skins

Four new UI skins added to improve the application appearance.

Other improvements

4.50.348 31-Mar-11

4.50.342 16-Mar-11

4.50.339 02-Mar-11

4.50.335 18-Feb-11

4.50.334 16-Feb-11

4.50.331 02-Feb-11

4.50.321 19-Jan-11

4.50.316 05-Jan-11

4.50.315 21-Dec-10

4.50.313 07-Dec-10

4.50.311 27-Oct-10

4.50.308 20-Oct-10

4.50.306 22-Sep-10

4.50.303 29-Jul-10

4.50.300 19-Jul-10

New Features

Product Tour has been totally redesigned to provide more flexible navigation to topics.

User reported bug fixes

4.50.285 24-Jun-10

4.50.282 23-Jun-10

Extended Express Edition

The following tools are added:

Besides, Database Designer now supports 10 tables and Query Builder can work with 3 tables.

Redesigned Database Backup Wizard

Schema Export wizard has been totally redesigned to provide more freedom for backing up schemas. It features the following:

New tool for database developers - Query Profiler

dbForge Studio offers results of internal MySQL tools like SHOW PROFILE and EXPLAIN in a convenient and clear GUI. Besides you get STATUS variables for the required query automatically calculated.

Additional benefits:

Revised Data Comparison tool

Diverse testing and close interaction with database developers, admins and casual users resulted in thoughtful redesign and enhancement of Data Comparison tool. Now it embraces the following:

Improved Query Builder tool

Meet a stronger Query Builder tailored for creating complex conditions with several clicks. The new power is based on the following:

Quick generating template SQL scripts for database objects

Thanks to this new functionality, you can save your time while working with database objects. For example, you can quickly generate template SQL scripts CREATE, DROP, SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE scripts for tables. This option is available in the context menu and called "Create Script As".

A few improvements in Schema Comparison tool

Other improvements

User reported bug fixes

4.00.224 15-Apr-10

4.00.206 10-Feb-10

4.00.202 26-Jan-10

4.00.200 25-Jan-10

3.60.379 24-Nov-09

3.60.376 12-Nov-09

3.60.368 22-Oct-09

3.60.360 16-Sep-09

3.60.351 28-Aug-09

3.60.347 12-Aug-09

3.50.310 25-Jun-09

3.50.305 23-Jun-09

3.50.290 21-May-09

3.50.287 12-May-09

3.50.275 23-Apr-09

3.10.227 26-Feb-09

3.10.225 12-Feb-09

3.10.222 12-Jan-09

3.10.209 17-Dec-08

3.10.205 08-Dec-08

3.00.192 06-Nov-08

3.00.183 18-Sep-08

3.00.146 01-Aug-08

2.10.78 09-Jan-08

2.10.77 05-Dec-07

2.10.76 26-Nov-07

2.10.74 23-Oct-07

2.10.71 02-Oct-07

2.10.68 20-Sep-07

2.00.49 06-Jul-07

2.00.48 05-Jun-07

2.00.36 07-May-07

2.00.35 26-Apr-07

2.00.34 20-Apr-07

2.00.31 06-Apr-07

1.51.33 18-Sep-06

1.51.32 25-May-06

1.51.30 21-Apr-06

1.50.24 26-Jan-06

1.50.23 03-Nov-05

1.50.22 03-Nov-05

1.0.5 16-Sep-05

1.0.4 10-Jun-05

1.0.3 19-May-05

1.0.2 04-May-05

1.0.1 25-Apr-05

1.0.0 12-Apr-05

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