Data Compare for Oracle Editions

dbForge Data Compare for Oracle comes in two editions: Express and Standard.

Express is a free software that provides basic functionality to compare and synchronize data in Oracle databases.

Standard is a fully-featured software able to complete any data comparison and synchronization tasks. It provides the best professional tricks to simplify data management.

The matrix below compares features of dbForge Data Compare editions. (See the detailed list of all features.)

Features Express Edition Standard Edition
Tables comparison Yes Yes
Views comparison No Yes
Materialized views comparison No Yes
Custom mapping of tables
(compare data with different structures)
Yes Yes
Custom query comparison No Yes
Compare columns with different data types No Yes
Compare multiple schemas at once No Yes
PL/SQL code completion Updated Click to view restrictions Click to view restrictions
PL/SQL code formatter Updated Click to view restrictions Click to view restrictions
Command-line interface for PL/SQL code formatting New! No Yes
Query execution pane New! Yes Yes
Command-line interface for data comparison and synchronization No Yes
Data synchronization in LOB, BFILE and XML_TYPE columns No Yes
WHERE filter for data filtering No Yes
Data comparison reports No Yes
Bi-directional data synchronization No Yes
Generates SQL*Plus-compatible synchronization scripts Yes Yes
Work without an Oracle client No Yes
Data comparison projects
(save data comparison settings for the next usage)
Yes Yes
Start page with recent comparison projects Yes Yes
Additional comparison options Updated No Yes
Additional synchronization options No Yes
Rollback synchronization on an error No Yes
Restore last opened documents No Yes
Connection coloring and document categories No Yes
Single License Price Free $149.95

*Context-sensitive object suggestions and PL/SQL code beautifier are available only for SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE.
If you want to get more statements supported, please, use dbForge Studio for Oracle Standard Edition or Professional Edition.