dbForge Data Compare for Oracle History

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4.0.29 24-Apr-17

4.0.27 01-Nov-16

4.0.17 10-Feb-16

3.7.114 02-Feb-15

Data Comparison and Sync

SQL Editing and Execution

Data Editor

Other Features and Improvements

3.6.110 31-Jul-14

Database Connectivity

Data Compare and Synchronization

Data Viewer

User Interface

3.5.89 04-Dec-13

3.5.68 17-Oct-13

Oracle 12c is supported

New features of SQL Editor

Minor features

3.0.149 14-Aug-13

3.0.141 11-Jul-13

3.0.127 10-Apr-13

3.0.118 11-Jan-13

3.0.110 19-Nov-12

3.0.85 25-Jul-12

3.0.73 20-June-12

3.0.65 14-May-12

User reported bug fixes

3.0.58 23-Mar-12

User reported bug fixes

3.0.47 03-Feb-12

User reported bug fixes

3.0.43 7-Dec-11

User reported bug fixes

3.0.35 15-Aug-11

User reported bug fixes

3.0.34 03-Aug-11

User reported bug fixes

3.0.27 5-Jul-11

User reported bug fixes

3.0.26 23-Jun-11

New extended data comparison reports

Custom query result comparison

If you don't need to compare all data in your database, but need some customized comparison (for example, you need to see what has changed in your database over some period of time), you can compare the results of specific queries. For this, use the custom query result comparison feature available in the new version of the product.

More flexible comparison settings

Improved analysis of comparison results

Improved data synchronization

Other improvements

2.0.17 1-Mar-11

User reported bug fixes

2.0.10 9-Nov-10

User reported bug fixes

2.0.9 22-Oct-10

User reported bug fixes

2.0.8 05-Oct-10

New Features

1.0.15 07-Sep-10

User reported bug fixes

1.0.14 20-Aug-10

User reported bug fixes

1.0.12 12-Aug-10

First release of dbForge Data Compare for Oracle

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