Full Development Environment Integration

  • All database development and administration tasks available from your favorite IDE
  • SQL Editor, database object editors and other editors behave like usual IDE documents
  • Help integrated into Embarcadero RAD Studio

Convenient Server Browsing

  • Multiple simultaneous connections
  • Quick invocation of object editors
  • Single-click access to object properties
  • Full object search
  • Dynamic data viewing
  • Database object dependency support
  • Browsing history

Easy Database Object Manipulation

  • Convenient and easily accessible visual editors for all objects
  • Visual design and text modes
  • Generatable DDL scripts for database objects
  • Duplication of database objects
  • Changes are cached until you apply them
  • Comment support for tables, views, materialized views, table and view columns
  • Undo option

Database Project Support

  • Project Explorer workspace for organizing related database objects and scripts into a single project
  • Easy project deployment
  • Workspace saving
  • Convenient document control
  • Project PL/SQL programs compilation
  • Ability to export an entire project into a file
  • Ability to export a project into an SQL*Plus script

Enhanced SQL Editor

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Context-sensitive code completion and parameter information
  • Mouseover quick info for database objects
  • Code outlining integrated with Document Outline navigation panel
  • Extensive collection of SQL code templates
  • Storage of all executed queries in full history log
  • Quick SQL history navigation
  • Display of created database objects and subobjects on SQL file Navigation bar
  • Code Bookmark support

PL/SQL and Script Debugging

  • Debugging of stored procedures and functions, object types, packages, triggers, and SQL scripts
  • Step into, step over, run to cursor and breakpoint support
  • Support for evaluating and modifying variables
  • Navigation Call Stack

Advanced Database Administration Tools

  • Security Manager for manipulating users, roles, user profiles and privileges
  • Session Manager for controlling sessions
  • Event Monitor for watching and sending Oracle alerts and pipe messages

Visual Query Builder

  • Powerful interactive query construction
  • No need to type a line of code to compose a query
  • Visual creation of all types of JOINs
  • Advanced tabbed editor with full SELECT statement clause support
  • Integration with Database Explorer

Extended SQL Execution Features

  • Support of the following SQL*Plus commands: @, @@, ACCEPT, CLEAR, CONNECT, DEFINE, DESCRIBE, EXECUTE, PROMPT, REMARK, VARIABLE
  • Execution of files, stored procedures and functions, and selected code fragments
  • Analysis of query performance with the Plan tool
  • Script support
  • Asynchronous execution

Powerful Grid-Based Data Editor

  • Highly customizable
  • In-place filtering, sorting, and grouping
  • Paginal mode
  • Separate LOB Editor for viewing and updating simple binary objects and long text
  • Transaction mechanism for data manipulation control
  • Client-side caching
  • Data printing
  • Graphic card view

Easy Data Export

  • Support of Text, HTML, XML, and MS Excel file formats
  • Customizable export document appearance attributes
  • Export of entire grid or selected rows and columns

Database Export/Import

  • Based on native Oracle Exp and Imp utilities
  • Friendly user interface
  • Different export modes
  • Advanced database import features

Customizable Schema Export/Import to/from SQL

  • Extracting of any supported schema object
  • Data extracting from selected or all tables
  • Different extracting options
  • Advanced schema import features

User-friendly Object Editor for Every Supported Schema Object

  • Table
  • View
  • Index
  • Unique key
  • Foreign key
  • Check constraint
  • Package
  • Stored procedure
  • Stored function
  • Trigger
  • User type
  • Sequence
  • Materialized view
  • Materialized view log
  • Synonym
  • Cluster
  • Database link
  • XML schema

Flexible Connectivity

  • Support for all Oracle versions from 8i to 11g
  • Ability to use several Oracle Homes in single application
  • Instant Client support
  • Optional direct access mode for establishing connections without Oracle client software

Convenient and Flexible User Interface

  • Tabbed documents
  • Documents with different views
  • Documents tab groups
  • Highly customizable layout
  • Dockable tool windows with auto hide and floating
  • Customizable toolbars

Comprehensive Help System

  • Context help for every window and tab
  • Detailed reference for every OraDeveloper component
  • Tutorials that help you get started quickly