OraDeveloper Tools Screenshots

See these screenshots to take a look at OraDevelopert Tools appearance.

General view

This is a general appearance of OraDeveloper Tools. On the screenshot it is integrated into Borland Delphi 2005.

You can see the following windows: Database Explorer, Properties, Data, and table editor.

SQL Editor

This screenshot shows how SQL editor highlights SQL query code and suggests you some autocompletion options.

s SQL Editor

Query Builder

Query builder allows you to create SQL queries without typing any code.

You can drag-and-drop tables to add them to the query and establish join relations. Different sections of the tabbed editor provide full GUI control over SELECT statements.

Query Builder

Data Window

This screenshot introduces the grid-based data editor where you can see and edit result sets returned by queries.

Data Window

PL/SQL Debugger

This screenshot shows debugging PL/SQL programs.

You can use breakpoints, watch active PL/SQL program call stack, evaluate and modify variables.

Security Manager

Security manager allows you to perform all security management tasks, including managing user accounts, roles and profiles, granting and revoking roles and privileges.

s Security Manager

Session Manager

Use Session Manager to quickly analyze and disconnect user sessions.

Session Manager

Event Monitor

Use Event Monitor to send and receive alerts and pipe messages.

s Event Monitor

Table Editor

Use the Storage tab of the table editor to set table storage options.

View Editor

Use the View editor to effortlessly create and alter views.

Trigger Editor

The Trigger editor will simplify trigger creating and altering.

User Array Type Editor

This editor will help you create and alter user array types.


Sequence Editor

Creating and altering sequences will become convenient with the help of this editor.

Materialized View Editor

This editor will simplify creating and altering materialized views.


Materialized View Log Editor

Use this editor to create and alter materialized view logs.

Synonym Editor

This editor will facilitate creating and altering synonyms.

Cluster Editor

Use this editor to speed up your work with clusters.

Database Link Editor

With the help of this editor you will efficiently manage database links.

XML Schema Editor

This editor will speed up your work with XML schemas.