Your optimal bundle to manage diffs in schemas and table data

Save yourself hours of work and get the full power to handle changes in your databases effectively with dbForge Compare Bundle for SQL Server. The bundle contains two standalone tools—dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server and dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server—and offers a significant discount if compared with purchasing either one separately.
  • Compare and synchronize changes in SQL Server databases
  • Create error-free deployment scripts to update target databases
  • Deploy updates from development databases to staging or production
  • Find and fix errors caused by differences between two databases
  • Recover missing or damaged data from a native backup
  • Schedule synchronization tasks from the command line
  • Deploy to SQL Server, Azure SQL, and SQL Server on Amazon RDS
  • Integrate database comparison tools into SQL Server Management Studio

What's included in dbForge Compare Bundle?

Compare and synchronize SQL Server database schemas

dbForge Schema Compare is your perfect solution for comparison and deployment of changes in SQL Server schemas. It allows working with live SQL Server databases, snapshots, script folders, native backups, and source control revisions. With its help, you can easily compare schemas and database objects, analyze differences, and generate SQL scripts to perform synchronization.

Compare and synchronize SQL Server table data

The second app, dbForge Data Compare, is used for table data comparison. It easily handles any amounts of data and supports native SQL Server backups. With its help, you can fine-tune your data comparison, analyze differences, compare static data against version-controlled databases, and effortlessly synchronize changes with a convenient wizard at hand.

Why choose Compare Bundle?

  • Schema mapping allows matching objects for comparison
  • User mapping clears all auto-mapping options and allows crafting comparisons for specific scenarios
  • You can map one table in Source with two or more tables in Target; this is useful when a table has been split
  • The Custom Query feature of Data Compare allows performing a bilateral comparison of a table with a query result
Schema Compare allows comparing and synchronizing the following types of schema objects:
  • Application Role
  • Assembly
  • Asymmetric Key
  • Broker Priority
  • Certificate
  • Contract
  • DDL Trigger
  • Default
  • Event Notification
  • Symmetric Key
  • Full Text Catalog
  • Full Text Stoplist
  • Function
  • Message Type
  • Partition Function
  • Partition Scheme
  • Procedure
  • Queue
  • Sequence
  • Role
  • Route
  • Rule
  • Schema
...and much more!
Both Сompare tools include convenient comparison wizards with multiple ways to fine-tune data and schema comparison.
  • General comparison options that allow including/excluding specific object types, database properties, etc.
  • Customizable auto-mapping and smart custom mapping options
  • Flexible comparison behavior for tables, triggers, indexes, constraints, replication objects, and script objects
  • Filter, group, and sort comparison results
  • View DDL differences for each pair of objects
  • Preview update scripts for each object
  • Generate comparison reports in several formats
  • Create accurate synchronization scripts
  • Deploy individual, selected, or all schema differences
  • Perform dependency checks to script objects in the correct order
  • Resolve sync issues automatically
  • View warnings about possible issues prior to synchronization
  • Save comparison project settings for recurring use
  • Generate PowerShell automation scripts
  • Use these scripts in .bat files and schedule their execution via Windows Scheduler
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Compare Bundle as part of DevOps Automation

Use the Compare Bundle tools alongside dbForge DevOps Automation for SQL Server to integrate SQL Server database comparison with your Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery cycle.

dbForge DevOps Automation for SQL Server

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