What's New in dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server v3.11

Generation of country-specific data

Now dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server allows generating data that is specific to a certain region, including Names, Zip codes, Cities, etc.

ISJSON function in Check Constraint generator

Check Constraint generator checks whether a string is valid for generation of the JSON data with help of the ISJSON function. If it shows isjson(fieldName) = 1, or isjson(fieldName) > 0, or isjson(fieldName) >= 1, JSON data will be generated.

10+ new generators, including ICD-10 Codes

The tool has been enhanced with brand new data generators, including ICD-10 codes for generation of medicine-related data.

Generate data for databases already filled with data

Now you can generate data for databases already filled with data. At that, sequence of data will be retained.

Improved DateTime generators

Dates generated with the DateTime generators can be customized with the Offset from column and Offset from now settings.

Support for PowerShell

Automate data generation using a rich PowerShell environment and the Data Generator command lines.

Specific exit codes

Specific exit codes will indicate an error when a task you're running in the command line interface fails and will make troubleshooting more straightforward.

Other improvements

  • Trial product activation.
  • Compliance with the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS). FIPS is a United States Government standard that provides a benchmark for implementing cryptographic software.
  • Connection to Microsoft Azure SQL Database by using identities in Azure Active Directory.
  • Greatly improved visual style of the tool.

For a complete list of changes, see the revision history.