dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server History

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4.5.58 27-Jun-19

User reported bug fixes

4.5.43 10-May-19

User reported bug fixes

4.5.26 20-Feb-19

New features and improvements

User reported bug fixes

4.4.44 21-Dec-18

New features and improvements

User reported bug fixes

4.3.106 19-Jul-18

User reported bug fixes

4.2.38 18-Apr-17

New features and improvements

4.1.38 28-Sep-16

4.1.35 16-Sep-16

4.0.32 22-Jan-16

4.0.26 30-Nov-15

Redesigned Comparison Document UI

SSMS Integration Support

3.9.286 16-Dec-14

3.9.283 13-Nov-14

Data Comparison

SQL Editing and Execution

Data Editor

Other Features and Improvements

3.8.265 25-Jun-14

SQL Server 2014 is supported

Code Completion

Data Compare and Synchronization

User Interface

3.0.209 21-Nov-13

3.0.205 15-Oct-13

3.0.199 19-Sep-13

3.0.194 23-Aug-13

3.0.183 12-Jul-13

3.0.168 12-Apr-13

3.0.165 09-Apr-13

3.0.145 15-Jan-13

3.0.123 08-Nov-12

3.0.106 18-Sep-12

3.0.88 18-Jul-12

3.0.79 19-Apr-12

3.0.74 09-Apr-12

3.0.54 06-Mar-12

SQL Server 2012 Support

Databases on SQL Server 2012 can be compared and synchronized as easily as the ones on previous server versions. dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server fully supports SQL Server 2012 database connection and processing.

User reported bug fixes

3.0.52 31-Oct-11

User reported bug fixes

3.0.38 19-Aug-11

User reported bug fixes

3.0.33 15-Aug-11

User reported bug fixes

3.0.23 11-Aug-11

SQL Azure Support

Comparing data and synchronizing SQL Azure databases has just become as easy as processing common ones. dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server fully supports SQL Azure database connection and processing.

SQL Server Management Studio Integration

From now on you can quickly launch your comparison right from the Object Explorer context menu as well as from the SSMS main menu.

New extended data comparison reports

Custom query result comparison

If you don't need to compare all data in your database, but need some customized comparison (for example, you need to see what has changed in your database over some period of time), you can compare the results of specific queries. For this, use the custom query result comparison feature available in the new version of the product.

More flexible comparison settings

Improved analysis of comparison results

Improved data synchronization

Other improvements

2.0.159 21-Oct-10

User reported bugs fixes

2.0.158 24-Sep-10

User reported bugs fixes

2.0.157 21-Jun-10

User reported bugs fixes

2.0.155 03-Jun-10

2.0.153 17-May-10

2.0.150 26-Apr-10

1.10.271 28-Jul-09

1.0.233 05-May-09

1.0.129 04-Feb-09

1.0.123 02-Feb-09

First release of dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server

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