dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server Testimonials

The main reason was the speed:

  • Another product: 6-7 minutes
  • dbForge Data Compare: 20 seconds! (for the same test scenario)

The second point for dForge Data Compare: The editor of dForge Data Compare for SQL Server (Source/Target and Mapping dialogue) is more user friendly.

Christian Matusch

I have been using the Data Compare tool quite a bit recently. Though I was very critical of your products when I first bought your products a few weeks ago, I have found to my pleasant surprise that your products are actually very good. I think one must use them a bit, to realize this. I was amazed at how fast the 'Data Compare Tool' synchronized many thousands of rows. Also, I was impressed by the accuracy/reliability of your products.

I feel I made a very good decision in buying different products from Devart. Even other products like Schema Compare for SQL Server, SQL Complete and Code Compare are excellent products.

Also, I have found their support to be quick and excellent. Thanks


I compared your product against several competing products as part of a consulting project for a client and found your product to be highly functional and well designed and at a price point well below competing software at a similar level. It fits nearly all of their needs and was a clear choice to recommend above the others. Kudos on a quality piece of software.

Kevin Locke, Digital Engine Software

First of all thanks for providing such great products on SQL Server and making life easier. I am a freelance developer, having good experience in developing software products with optimal performance.

Santhosh, freelance developer

I continue to be impressed at the speed of delivery of the DEVART team - I have received positive replies on all my inputs. I am very happy I chose your product.

Raj More