Essential SSMS Add-ins and Tools in One Bundle

SQL Server Management Studio is the most popular integrated environment for developing T-SQL code and managing SQL Server infrastructure. SSMS provides many tools to monitor, configure, and administer SQL Server instances and databases.

Still, SSMS lacks functionality that may increase developer's productivity and save time for routine tasks.

Developer Bundle for SQL Server is a tool pack that extends SSMS with many essential features aimed not only boost developers' productivity but also reduce expenses while performing routine tasks.


Increase productivity, when creating complex queries and code writing with SQL Complete, Search, Documenter and Query Builder


Save your time while comparing and synchronizing data and schema with Source Control, Data Compare, and Schema Compare


Simplify the testing process drastically and generate intensional test data with Data Generator and Unit Test


Monitor SQL Server performance and troubleshoot database issues using Index Manager, Monitor, as well as Event Profiler

Level up SSMS with advanced add-ins

Productivity growth

SQL Complete speeds up the development process and increases team productivity. Take a great opportunity to cut coding time with code formatting, snippets, and smart code completion, as well as object naming and value highlighting.

Search will help you to quickly search for the required objects, data, tables, and text in databases or stored procedures by the specified parameters.

Documenter provides you the ability to generate database documentation in HTML or PDF formats.

Query Builder keeps you out from wasting your time on creating complex queries. Simply drag the data you need to build queries in a few clicks in a visual designer.

No more database deployment challenges

Data Compare detects changes in databases and analyzes data differences effortlessly and fast when comparing and synchronizing data between databases.

Source Control links databases to the most popular version control systems, commits changes from the development branch to a repository and explores revision history, including all the details, such as who and when made updates.

Schema Compare reduces the valuable time and takes fewer efforts when comparing schema changes in. It allows creating a flawless sync script to analyze schema differences.

Easy testing process

Data Generator saves your time by eliminating a time-consuming process of creating test data on-the-spot.

Unit Test detects bugs easily by performing automated unit testing to validate that the business logic is correctly set up.

Performance boost

Index Manager helps identify issues with database index fragmentation, as well as provides recommendations on managing indexes in SQL Server, such as their rebuild or reorganization.

Monitor saves time while keeping an eye on SQL Server performance in real time.

Event Profiler analyzes SQL Server event sessions and data without undue efforts and on-the-spot.