dbForge Fusion for SQL Server History

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1.10.11 27-Dec-16

1.9.14 28-Jan-16

1.9.12 11-Sep-15

Visual Studio 2015 support

1.8.39 21-Aug-14

SQL Server 2014 support


Generate Schema Script

Database Explorer

Object Editors

Code Completion

Data Compare/Schema Compare

SQL Profiler

Other Features and Improvements

1.5.17 16-Apr-14

Formatting profile introduced

New formatting options editor

Enhanced formatting settings

New SQL code refactoring features

New code formatter features

Code and database identifier case synchronization

Stored procedure call expansion

Refresh suggestions cache

Lots of snippets are added

New code completion features

Objects describe performance is improved

User reported bug fixes

1.0.34 05-Dec-13

1.0.29 27-Nov-13

First release of dbForge Fusion for SQL Server

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