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What's New in dbForge Fusion for SQL Server, v1.8

SQL Versions

SQL Server 2014 support

Now the plugin supports the latest SQL Server 2014



  • Generate Script As shortcut menu option is added
  • Database Visual Editor is added
  • Database Backup and Restore features are added
  • Possibility to attach and detach a database is added
  • Take Offline and Bring Online database states are added
  • Copying a database from one server to another using the MS Agent is possible now

Generate Script

Generate Schema Script

  • Saving the options setting for future use
  • Support of command line interface
  • Automatic archiving of schema export scripts
  • Writing a report about the process into a log file
  • Automatic old files removal based on date or quantity

Database Explorer

Database Explorer

  • Filter settings are available now
  • Objects' dependencies view is supported
  • Possibility to duplicate an object is added
  • Renaming a table through the Database Explorer is possible
  • Delete shortcut menu command is available for all objects' types
  • Disable and enable trigger's menu options are added
  • Each database state has its corresponding icon now
  • Changing a database object name is now possible

Object Editors

Object Editors

  • Database Visual Editor is added
  • Statistics Properties visual editor is added
  • Code preview when editing columns, indexes, etc. is possible now
  • Index editor is improved

SQL Editing

Code Completion

  • New CREATE COLUMNSTORE INDEX statement syntax is supported
  • New keywords in the CREATE TABLE statement are supported
  • New keywords in the CREATE INDEX statement are supported
  • New keywords in the CREATE PROCEDURE statement are supported
  • Members prompt for user-defined table type is supported
  • Refactoring aliases is possible now

Schema Comparison

Data Compare/Schema Compare

  • COLUMNSTORE index is supported
  • Check for object existence option is added to the synchronization wizard
  • Ignore column order in indexes option is added
  • ALTER SCHEMA feature for objects transferring between the schemas is supported
  • Include print comments option is added
  • Exclude comments option is added

Query Profiler

SQL Profiler

  • Query plans can be saved visually
  • Results comparison is executed when the required elements are selected
  • Various queries plans can be shown vertically in one view when comparing
  • Buffer and plans cache refresh options are added
  • Zoom menu in the Profiler diagram is available

Other Features

Other Features and Improvements

  • Switching tabs by the CTRL+ALT+PAGE UP and CTRL+ALT+PAGE DOWN keys combination
  • Coloring a database connection according to the document category
  • Database connection properties are expanded
  • SET connection options in query execution
  • Possibility to switch from the wizard page to the main application window
  • Find Objects feature is expanded
  • SQL document zooming by holding the CTRL key and rotating the mouse wheel

For a complete list of changes, see the revision history.