What's New in dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server, v3.10

Support for SQL Server 2016

The tool supports SQL Server 2016.

SQL Server 2016

Objects suggestions in CROSS/OUTER APPLY statement

Now suggestions are available in queries that include a correlated subquery.


Suggestion of compound phrases

The suggestion engine prompts key phrases along with keywords.

Compound phrases

Several new formatter options and profiles

There are three predefined formatting profiles available. You may use them to save some time on customization process.

Formatting Profiles

Object and schema suggestions while writing cross-database queries

The suggestion list prompts database objects as well as schemas while writing cross-database queries.

Formatting Profiles

Data types in column header of Data Grid

Now data type information is available in the column headers section of Data grid.

Data types in Data Grid

Data Grid now supports Generate Script As feature

Now you can start generating scipts right from Data Grid.http://rm.devart.local/redmine/issues/80232

Generate Script As in Data Grid

Generate Script As now available for multiple objects in Database Explorer

The tool allows to select several database objects in Database Exploer and generate script on their babsis.

Generate Script As from Database Explorer

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