What's New in dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server, v3.11

Query Profiler updated features

  • Live Query Statistics added
  • Wait Stats added
  • Save/Open SQL plan files implemented
  • Table I/O added
  • Highlighting potentially resource-intensive statements
  • Displaying clustered ColumnStore indexes in execution plan
Query Profiler updated features

Data Export/Import updated features

  • Data Import Performance dramatically improved
  • Export/Import JSON data supported
  • Export/Import XML data redesigned
  • Viewing the generated update script in Data Import Wizard
  • Detecting column types when importing data from Excel format
  • Executing SET IDENTITY_INSERT ON when the Repopulate option is enabled in Data Import
Data Export/Import updated features

Other improvements

  • Trial product activation implemented
  • Application visual style greatly improved
  • FIPS compliance
  • Azure Active Directory authentication

For a complete list of changes, see the revision history.