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What's New in dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server, v4.4

SQL Server Support

  • SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 1 (SP1) new syntax support
  • SQL Server 2017 CTP2 new syntax support
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse connectivity support
dbForge Schema Compare - SQL Server Support


dbForge Schema Compare can be integrated into the latest SQL Server Management Studio v17.2.

Schema Compare

  • Support for external objects
  • Support for the MASKED columns
  • Extended support for Azure v.12
  • Support for the SECURITY POLICY objects
  • Support for the column encryption keys
  • Support for the column master keys
  • Extended support for comparison of the SQL Server 2014-2016 backup files
  • New database creation through the Schema Comparison wizard
  • Redesigned logging in the command line
  • Opening the Schema Comparison wizard instead of the comparison autorun when opening the .scomp files

Source Control

  • Support for TFS 2017
  • Support for SourceGear Vault v9.1
  • Support for SourceGear Vault v10.0
  • Support for Surround SCM

Command Line Execution File

You can setup and create a command line execution file and use it multiple times for routine schema comparison and synchronization tasks.

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