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A set of best SQL Server tools for SQL database development

SQL Tools is a tool pack that provides many essential features for any Microsoft SQL Server developer and is designed not only to boost productivity but also to reduce expenses while performing routine tasks, and automate database development and deployment.

Useful Videos

SQL Complete Overview

Get acquainted with SQL Complete designed to speed up SQL code writing, perform automatic formatting and refactoring, improve code readability, and much more.

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Source Control Overview

Discover the features of this powerful SSMS add-in for SQL Server database change management in popular version control systems.

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Schema Compare Overview

Explore the features of this reliable database comparison tool allowing you to compare SQL Server databases, analyze differences and perform synchronization.

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Data Compare Overview

Familiarize yourself with a powerful SQL data comparison tool that easily copes with big data and supports native SQL Server backups.

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Data Generator Overview

Find out how you can use the dbForge Data Generator tool to quickly and easily generate meaningful test data for SQL databases.

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Documenter Overview

Unveil the features of this universal tool that helps automate the creation of database documentation and customize the documentation according to your needs.

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Unit Test Overview

Get to know more about a user-friendly and intuitive tool based on the tSQLt framework and designed to create, organize and execute test cases in a few clicks.

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Index Manager Overview

Delve into the features of the dbForge Index Manager tool that brings smart index fixing and index fragmentation right into SSMS.

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