SQL Tools for SQL Testimonials

Being an avid SSMS user for work and personal stuff, I'm well aware of the tool and its limitations. I took advantage of dbForge's Database documenting feature, which greatly helped me to improve the documentation aspects of my projects. I could also appreciate the code completion & formatting feature, that saved me a lot of time on those repetitive tasks you often have to deal with.

Valerio De Sanctis, Microsoft MVP, CTO at Ryadel

I work in a sysadmin role that provides application support for our clients. The Data and Schema compare tool that is a part of the SQL Tools bundle has been a life saver when trying to determine why a development and production site work differently. This tool has saved me hours of troubleshooting when I can compare 2 tables for differences and resolve the problem as quickly as the compare can complete.

Terri Donahue, Senior Customer Support Engineer