dbForge SQL Complete History

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6.1.72 10-Jun-19

User reported bug fixes

6.1.59 21-May-19

User reported bug fixes

6.1.13 26-Mar-19

New features

User reported bug fixes

6.0.136 12-Feb-19

User reported bug fixes

6.0.101 27-Dec-18

User reported bug fixes

6.0.79 04-Dec-18

User reported bug fixes

6.0.69 23-Nov-18

SQL Server support

Find in Results Grid

Execution Notification

SQL Formatter

Code Snippets

Grid Aggregates

Execution Warning

Tabs Color

SQL Document

Other Improvements

User reported bug fixes

5.9.66 19-Jul-18

User reported bug fixes

5.9.60 16-May-18

Connectivity feature

Code Completion features

Code Refactoring features

Productivity features

User reported bug fixes

5.8.188 03-Apr-18

User reported bug fixes

5.8.187 16-Mar-18

User reported bug fixes

5.8.178 15-Feb-18

User reported bug fixes

5.8.173 31-Jan-18

Code Completion features

New productivity features have been implemented

User reported bug fixes

5.7.210 23-Nov-17

User reported bug fixes

5.7.206 13-Oct-17

User reported bug fixes

5.7.200 19-Sep-17

5.7.199 15-Sep-17

User reported bug fixes

5.7.195 06-Sep-17

User reported bug fixes

5.7.194 30-Aug-17

SQL Server support

Code Completion

SQL Document

Other new features

User reported bug fixes

5.6.150 25-Apr-17

5.6.146 21-Apr-17

5.6.145 20-Apr-17

5.5.218 05-Dec-16

5.5.215 10-Oct-16

5.5.214 03-Oct-16

5.5.205 16-Sep-16

5.5.166 09-Aug-16

5.5.159 04-Aug-16

5.5.145 26-Jul-16

5.5.136 20-Jul-16

5.1.46 22-Dec-15

5.1.42 04-Dec-15

5.1.14 16-Sep-15

Integration to Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 is supported

User reported bug fixes

5.0.34 19-Aug-15

5.0.28 05-Aug-15

Statement Expansion

Code Snippets

Custom Alias Mapping

Code Highlighting

Code Refactoring

Semicolon Insertion

SSDT Project Support

4.8.43 19-Feb-15

4.8.34 25-Dec-14

4.8.33 01-Dec-14

4.8.17 13-Nov-14

Code formatter

Code completion

Support of the following statements:

Phrase completion

4.7.233 3-Sep-14

4.7.226 24-Jun-14

4.7.219 12-Jun-14

4.7.212 27-May-14

The new version contains a host of new features, including:

4.6.192 23-Apr-14

Integration to Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2014 is supported

User reported bug fixes

4.5.178 17-Jan-14

4.5.177 14-Jan-14

4.5.174 09-Jan-14

Integration to Visual Studio 2013 is supported

SQL Complete features are now available in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.

New code formatter features

Refresh suggestions cache

New code completion features

Minor improvements

4.0.140 06-Nov-13

4.0.137 16-Oct-13

4.0.128 18-Sep-13

4.0.120 23-Aug-13

4.0.119 20-Aug-13

4.0.109 31-Jul-13

4.0.89 21-Jun-13

4.0.78 30-May-13

4.0.72 29-Mar-13

4.0.71 20-Mar-13

4.0.70 15-Mar-13

4.0.69 13-Mar-13

4.0.68 05-Mar-13

4.0.67 28-Feb-13

4.0.65 19-Feb-13

4.0.61 22-Jan-13

4.0.58 16-Jan-13

4.0.57 09-Jan-13

4.0.55 25-Dec-12

4.0.54 20-Dec-12

4.0.53 11-Dec-12

Formatting profile introduced

New formatting options editor

Enhanced formatting settings

New SQL code refactoring features

New code completion features

Integration with SSDT in Visual Studio 2010/2012 is supported

SQL Complete features are now available in the SSDT 2010/2012 SQL Editor.

3.5.83 12-Sep-12

3.5.79 26-Jul-12

3.5.72 22-June-12

3.5.61 17-May-12

3.5.60 10-Apr-12

3.5.56 14-Mar-12

3.5.54 21-Feb-12

3.5.51 2-Feb-12

New Features

3.1.28 15-Dec-11

3.1.25 28-Nov-11

3.1.21 9-Nov-11

3.1.10 14-Oct-11

3.1.5 4-Oct-11

3.1.3 3-Oct-11

New Features


Express Edition Extension

3.0.24 9-Sep-11

3.0.23 6-Sep-11

3.0.22 29-Aug-11

3.0.20 18-Aug-11

3.0.16 28-Jul-11

3.0.14 21-Jul-11

3.0.13 20-Jul-11

3.0.10 18-Jul-11

3.0.7 14-Jul-11

New SQL Server versions support

Added integration into Visual Studio

"Go to definition" for database objects

This function allows navigating from code editor to the object in the Object Explorer (Server Explorer in VS) tree.

Code Snippets

This feature makes it easy and convenient to use fragments of code over and over. The new functionality includes:

New code completion features

Document Outline window

This feature makes navigating through large SQL documents a real pleasure. The Document Outline window shows the structure of the current document. Besides, a user can synchronize structure with text right from the code.

Highlight occurrences of an identifier

This unique feature allows users to see all entries of an identifier in the document text. When the cursor is on the identifier, after a time lag all occurrences of this identifier into the text are highlighted.

SQL formatting component improved

Quick database object information extended

"Execute current statement" feature

Now user can execute the current SQL statement (i.e. the one where the input cursor is located) in the document using the hot key.

Performance improvements

2.50.92 30-May-11

2.50.91 27-May-11

2.50.90 19-May-11

2.50.89 13-May-11

2.50.86 05-Apr-11

2.50.84 17-Mar-11

2.50.83 3-Mar-11

2.50.80 28-Feb-11

2.50.79 25-Feb-11

2.00.51 10-Feb-11

2.00.49 28-Jan-11

2.00.48 27-Jan-11

2.00.46 21-Jan-11

2.00.45 21-Jan-11

1.00.62 24-Dec-10

1.00.61 13-Dec-10

1.00.60 13-Dec-10

1.00.57 1-Dec-10

1.00.54 24-Nov-10

1.00.48 19-Nov-10

First release of dbForge SQL Complete

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