dbForge SQL Complete Testimonials

SQL Complete has been one of my favorite plug-ins for over 6 years. Flexible formatting, syntax prompting, quick navigation, and other features make this product a swiss knife that is a must-have for anyone who works with T-SQL code.

Sergey Syrovatchenko, SQL Server DBA

I’ve been using the free version of Devart’s SQL complete for a little over a year, and the trial version of the complete (paid) version for the past week or so. This tool has been the most valuable edition to SSMS I’ve used. The replacement intelisense alone is worth the cost of the program. Even better that it is included in the express (free version) albeit with some handicaps compared to the full version. In the express version it functions very similar to the native intellisense that is built into SSMS but is more responsive and offers a little more contextual information in the “tool tips” menu. This contextual information pops up when you are scripting an execute function or SP in the SSMS query editor, and is very helpful in knowing what and what order of parameters you need to enter. It also has automatic table name appending, so as you type your query, you no longer have to type the table name before the column name. This saves you from the ambiguous column reference error if you have or add a table later with column names in common. Even without common table names this feature is a great thing to have when editing or debugging code, so that you know exactly where the column came from without having to do much digging. The value really shines when you consider the table name was applied for you, so you reap the benefits of nice clean code with ½ the work.

Sam Duval, Market Research Analyst at Elements Financial

MS SQL Server Management Studio is a mature product but built in IntelliSense functionality is pure. While there is SQL Complete Add-in for SSMS and Visual Studio, it isn't a big problem. It is small, lightweight add-in with great IntelliSense and more other features. IntelliSense functionality provided by SQL Complete works very responsively and productive.

Karen Tazayan, Microsoft MVP and Senior Software Engineer

Thanks to you and your company for making such a great program, many of the people here can't wait to get rid of SQL Prompt.


Thanks for your high level of service. Your team responded promptly when I reported a bug a few weeks ago that occurred when I first opened Visual Studio 2010 immediately after installation of SQL Complete. And the fact that you sent this email tells me that you do care about making your customer satisfied. I do like your product and would like to tell you about the feature I like the most about SQL Complete:
I often have to write and send queries to coworkers and customers. Even though typing the queries in the proper casing ("Select" or "SELECT" vs. "select") isn't necessary, I have found it important to use the proper casing to make the query more readable to the person I'm sending it to. The native Intellisense doesn't help at all with basic language keywords (i.e. " Select", "From", Update", "Order By", etc.), where SQL Complete does. It saved me a significant amount of typing by offering auto-complete options for the basic language keywords.

Jeremy Jensen, Build Team Developer, Unique Communications Solutions

By the way SQL Complete is one of the greatest tools I've seen for SQL Server.
Congratulation for this great tool. It helps me so much write powerful SQL statements.

Andreas Fuchs, IT Systemtechnik, Soennecken

SQL Complete is an Amazing tool! It made me even more productive. When you're working on different projects this is the tool that you need. I am working with Xamarin.forms and this tool just made it easier for me to get the specific data I need during testing. They found a way to make SSMS even better especially with the Intellisense-like feature.

Kissel Rubion, Computer Engineering, Ateneo de Davao University

Many thanks. This product has made me so happy. It almost writes the queries for me! Thanks again.


I really appreciate devart's promptness in fixing the bugs regarding joins in the earlier version and releasing the new 2.5. This product is fantastic, saves me tons of time and far far better than similar products ... . Five stars from me.

Sohail Choudhry

I use a lot of Devart products and SQL complete is one of their best, I hate using SSMS without it.

Darren Knowles, business owner and software developer

So far the tool has been great. Thank you for sharing this with the community!

James Clark, software developer