Document SQL Server Databases

Documenting SQL Server databases is now a piece of cake. The Documenter functionality embedded in dbForge Studio for SQL Server is a comprehensive software solution that helps automatically create your database documentation and distribute it among your team. The SQL Server Documenter enables you to configure the necessary options and create the most appropriate documentation helping your team keep track of all changes.

Create interactive documentation in SQL Server databases using dbForge Studio for SQL Server. You can benefit from our documentation tool if you are looking to:

  • Eliminate time-consuming and tedious manual documentation tasks
  • Understand the database structure in WYSIWYG authoring environment
  • Keep teams up to date by distributing documentation
  • Satisfy audit requirements by keeping complete documentation

Comprehensive information about database structure

dbForge Documenter serves as a source of essential information revealing the SQL Serer database structure. With its help, you will be able to see the big picture and gain the necessary database knowledge including a wide set of SQL object types, their details, and properties, as well as inter-object dependencies and DDL code.

The documentation allows you to extract the information about the following objects:

  • owners
  • descriptions
  • properties
  • table and view columns
  • indexes and constraints
  • routine parameters
  • creation script
  • object dependencies
Broad picture of database structure via the Documenter tool

Broad customization capabilities

The Documenter tool within dbForge Studio for SQL Server lets you fully customize the documentation, preview the result, and adjust all the necessary settings. You can document database objects and their properties as well as include and exclude the objects from the documentation.

Additionally, you will be able to change the documentation layout with various Bootstrap themes and apply a style template suitable for you.

Rich customization features

Self-documenting SQL objects

The extended properties of an object allow users to apply their properties to the metadata and thus, add important information and create self-documenting SQL objects.

Using the documenter tool, you can create, edit, and modify object descriptions by adding or removing the information in the extended properties. This way, you will be able to shape the documentation and tailor it to your team's demands.

Extended properties support

Supported formats

The tool allows generating documents from a database in different formats:

  • HTML - Hypertext Markup Language file format is appropriate if you have to publish the documentation on the web.
  • PDF - Portable Document Format is suitable if you need to print and distribute documentation to various systems and devices.
  • Markdown - a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax is a proper solution if you have to convert the documentation to many output formats.

All formats are searchable, which is rather handy especially if your database contains large volumes of data.

Formats supported

Searchable documentation

If you need to find a particular object in the generated documentation, you can accomplish this by typing its name in the search field. The matching text will be highlighted in the object tree of the Documenter feature.

Besides, you can navigate throughout the documentation with the help of the built-in breadcrumbs.

Searchable documentation

Command-line automation

Finally, Documenter lets you automate the documentation generation via the command-line interface.

You can set up and create a command-line execution file and run routine database documentation tasks with a single click.

Schedule automatic db documenting via command line