dbForge Studio for SQL Server History

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5.6.62 21-Nov-18

SQL Server support

Data Generator

Source Control

User reported bug fixes

5.5.369 17-Jul-18

User reported bug fixes

5.5.365 11-Jul-18

User reported bug fixes

5.5.327 09-Jan-18

User reported bug fixes

5.5.311 13-Oct-17

User reported bug fixes

5.5.279 13-Sep-17

User reported bug fixes

5.5.196 03-Aug-17

SQL Server support

Code Completion

SQL Document

Data Compare

Schema Compare


Data Generator

Source Control

Index Manager



Other improvements

User reported bug fixes

5.4.275 17-Mar-17

5.4.270 15-Mar-17

5.4.257 03-Mar-17

5.4.215 10-Feb-17

5.4.211 1-Feb-17

5.4.209 31-Jan-17

Schema and Data Comparison

Query Profiler

Data Export/Import

Data Generator

Source Control

Data Viewer and Editor

SQL Document

Code Completion

Other Improvements

User reported bug fixes

5.3.56 22-Sep-16

Enterprise Edition is extended with new Documenter for SQL Server tool

Improved Data Generator

Data Editor and Viewer Window

Other improvements

User reported bug fixes

5.2.177 24-June-16

Final version released

5.2.125 beta 20-May-16

New version contains numerous improvements!

Improved SQL Completion

Improved and enhanced Schema Comparison Tool

Improved Source Control

Improved Data Generation

User reported bug fixes and improvements

5.1.178 18-Dec-15

Final version released with numerous improvements!

User reported bug fixes

5.1.71 beta 24-Oct-15

Index Manager

Unit Test

5.0.337 20-Oct-15

Final version released!

5.0.286 beta 02-Sep-15

The extended Standard Edition substitutes the discontinued Data edition. The Enterprise Edition is introduced.

Source Control

Code Completion

Schema Comparison and Synchronization

Data Generator

4.5.79 5-Jun-15

4.5.60 23-Mar-15

4.5.40 26-Feb-15

SQL Server Data Generator

Schema Compare and Sync

Data Compare and Sync

Data Export and Import

User reported bug fixes

4.0.52 12-Dec-14

User reported bug fixes

4.0.35 17-Nov-14

User reported bug fixes

4.0.24 10-Nov-14

SQL Server Event Profiler

T-SQL Code Analyzer

SQL Editing and Execution

Database Explorer

Object Editors

Schema Comparison

Data Comparison

Data Reporting

Query Profiler

Data Editor

Data Export and Import

Generate Scripts

Security Manager

User Interface

Other Features and Improvements

3.8.218 01-Sep-14

User reported bug fixes

3.8.180 17-Jun-14

Final Version Released!

3.8.171 beta 29-May-14

SQL Server 2014 support


Generate Schema Script

Database Explorer

Object Editors

Code Completion

Data Compare/Schema Compare

SQL Profiler

User Interface

Other Features and Improvements

3.5.93 12-Mar-14

User reported bug fixes

3.5.86 18-Feb-14

New code formatter features

Refresh suggestions cache

New code completion features

Minor improvements

User reported bug fixes

3.0.248 21-Nov-13

3.0.238 15-Oct-13

3.0.230 19-Sep-13

3.0.217 23-Aug-13

3.0.205 12-Jul-13

3.0.185 15-Apr-13

3.0.180 09-Apr-13

3.0.161 16-Jan-13

3.0.160 15-Jan-13

New Features

Ability to create primary fields that are not IDENTITY fields is added.

User reported bug fixes

3.0.136 08-Nov-12

3.0.117 18-Sep-12

3.0.114 13-Sep-12 (first release of dbForge Studio for SQL Server)

Data Studio for SQL Server is now known as dbForge Studio for SQL Server and incorporates such tools as SQL Complete, Data Studio, Schema Compare, Data Compare and Query Builder for SQL Server.

Product Editions

dbForge Studio for SQL Server comes in 4 editions:

Major New features

Other features

2.0.47 18-Jul-12 (last release of dbForge Data Studio for SQL Server)

2.0.35 27-Apr-12

2.0.17 05-Apr-12

Second release of dbForge Data Studio for SQL Server comprises a lot of experience and a huge effort that was made to turn our product into the indispensable assistant for application developers that use SQL Server.

SQL Intellisense

Taking into account our users needs and expectations we have integrated the functionality of SQL Complete Express Edition into dbForge Data Studio for SQL Server. Owing to that, the new release introduces users to the following enhancements:

Query builder can now work with INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements

Thanks to the Visual Query Builder users can create INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements. Together with extending the types of edited queries, we have improve general usability of the tool and fixed many bugs.
The updated query builder facilitates the process of creating queries and makes it even more intuitive.

Automated data report delivery

This feature enables users to set an automatic data report generation and delivery to a requester.
Reports' generation and delivery setup can be executed in the command line, providing an opportunity to use Windows scheduler for regular reports generation (Setup of report's generation and delivery can be executed in the command line, providing an opportunity to use Windows scheduler for regular reports generation):

Data export to SQL statements

Data Compare

Convenient work with result sets of several SELECT queries

If there is more than one SELECT statement in a document, query results will be displayed on separate tabs in the Data window after execution.

SQL Server 2012 and SQL Azure Support

New release of Data Studio includes full support for new version of SQL Server and functionality allowing users to work with Microsoft Cloud SQL services, knows as SQL Azure.

Other improvements

User interface skins support is added

1.00.134 28-Apr-11

1.00.133 08-Apr-11

1.00.129 09-Mar-11

1.00.128 16-Jan-11

1.00.127 12-Jan-11

1.00.123 20-Dec-10

1.00.117 16-Dec-10

First release of dbForge Data Studio for SQL Server

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