dbForge Studio for SQL Server Testimonials

We have downloaded trials for dbForge Studio and found it to be a breath of fresh air… The auto-complete functionality is very good, and we like the heavy customization options with regard to the SQL formatter. We'd like to try integrating dbForge into our development process, starting with DB source control and ultimately integrating DB synchronization into our automated CI/CD pipeline using TeamCity and Octopus Deploy.

Brian Voskerijian, Software engineer, Facil-IT

At first I was still using Management Studio about 90% of time and 10% dbForge. Now, after about a year since it was installed, I use it 95% of time instead of Management Studio. Job well done!

Michael Chernin, Development Lead, Comwave Networks

With our previous software, we wanted to upgrade to the latest version of schema compare and data compare for one user. The price was outrageous and by the time I got it approved, they had raised it again. So I set out to look for a cheaper alternative. I found dbForge Studio and with bulk discounts and competitive upgrades we could were able to get the full suite for multiple developers for less money than it would have cost to upgrade just one user with the software we had been using.
dbForge Studio is close to being a complete replacement for SSMS and 95% of the time it does a better job. It is a huge convenience that i can sort, filter, page, and edit my query results without having to rewrite anything. If i am editing a foreign key column, I can double click to popup the related table and make my choice. Plus the "snippets" I have created have saved me many keypresses.
It has become my database tool of choice and I have it open constantly.

Mike Hanewinckel, Asp.Net Developer

I just felt the need to again express my appreciation for your products again. I?ve used them for 3 years and my appreciation has only grown stronger.
I live and breathe by Visual SQL Management and Designer tools (MySQL and SQL Server). I wrote SQL queries for years but my fingers simply got worn out. Plus, my brain is visual so a 10 or 15 table query is just less taxing to digest visually. Plus, I?m often allowed about 10 minutes or less to deliver a completed query and it?s just so much quicker to drag-drop-and-click. Plus I just can?t remember every table, column, and relationship on a complex 300 table database, much less every command, phrase, syntax, and option.
I realize you offer so much more than visual tools, but those are the ones I work with daily so I appreciate them more.
There are a number of other visual SQL managers & designers out there but none of them I reviewed or tried using seem to ?get it? when it comes to ergonomics. Plus; your pricing met our budget.
So, a giant THANKS for making me a hero every day.

Brad Larsen, SQL Developer, Corona, CA

I decided to evaluate the current tools in the market place and selected dbForge. I selected it for two primary reasons.
1. Simple Easy to Use Interface.
2. Comprehensive set of tools in one interface.
So far, I have not looked back. Great product.

Marc Foulke, VP Technology / Partner, PharmaSource Inc.

Guys - I just wanted to say - GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!
I have been using Enterprise Studio forever that I never even considered anything else to develop sql. I tried your product and it has increased the speed of development by 10 fold. In fact there is no way I would have been able to finish a project with Azure for a 250,000 product ecommerce site if I hadn't been using your tool. I am definitely buying your product and getting a license for everyone on my team.

Jason Kelley, Lead developer at Symdigital Technology Solutions

I use Devart MS SQL Server products from the beginning. I really love and enjoy them, especially dbForge Studio for SQL Server (which contains the bundle products). They are very user-friendly, powerful and stable tools and I can say that they significantly reduce and save my working time. Also, the support team is very competent and reacting operatively. Thank you Devart for perfect products!

Karen Tazayan Microsoft MVP and Senior Software Engineer

Hello! The new version is more stable. The quality of implementation is excellent. Congratulations. Thank you!

Paulo Borges

Hello, I'm a software developer from Turkey. I've been using your product for a while and must say that I really love it. When it comes to sql programming and other non DBA operations, I do not consider your product as an alternate to SQL Server Management Studio, but a superior one. That's why as a Microsoft Certified Trainer, I use your product even in my classes and many of my students also like it.

Tayfun Esmer, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Turkey

Write some words to explain: Love the query builder, compare data/schema. The intuitive UI is great!

Hartono Halim, Senior Developer, Pixel Farm Digital

The formatting feature makes reading SQL a lot easier. The hoover over items and popup of details about that object a REAL help. The intellisense (SQL Complete) is a great time saver. The whole program is a HUGE time saver and joy to use.

Lorenzo Statie, Sr. Software Developer, Vibrant Software

I've been developing SQL full time for 15 years on Oracle, then SQL Server 2000 / 2005 / 2013, and now MySQL (ugg). It's fair to say that I've averaged 1 or 2 sizable queries per day; either new development or tweaking an old one, often under intense pressure.

It's not uncommon for Upper Management to expect a complete analysis, within 15 minutes, that requires aggregating 10-15 tables accurately.

About a year ago, we adopted MySQL in a big way. I won't even start on MySQL's many limitations; the development tools available are just sadly clunky and inadequate. MySQL threatened to put me into a time machine back to 1999? Yikes!

Finally, I found Devart. What a lifesaver!!! WOW! It helped make my move to MySQL relatively seamless. "Yes sir, I'll have your results in 10 minutes" is still a phrase they can expect from me. It's fair to say that it saved my job!

Using SQL Server's enterprise tools, management had grown accustomed to my magic. After my initial 3 years of doing it all manually, I discovered the true power of a well thought out Visual Designer in 2002. Even for very complex tasks that require manual SQL development, it does the grunt work and saves brain power for the where it's needed. DevArt continues and improves on that tradition; not to mention a nice complement of ever improving DB management tools.

Devart has got a few tricks that even Microsoft's Management Studio lacks, important enough to me to warrant a purchase request for DevArt for SQL Server. The return in saved manpower should pay for itself within a few weeks; it's kind of a no-brainer.

Take it from someone with 15 years on the front lines of daily SQL development. DevArt gets it! They know what it takes to empower a SQL Developer for rapid development! Thank you Devart!

Brad Larsen, SQL/.NET/Web Developer