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Compress Property

Devart.Data.MySql Namespace > MySqlConnection Class : Compress Property (MySqlConnection)

Gets or sets a value indicating whether to enable transferred data compression.

[Visual Basic]
Public Property Compress As Boolean
public bool Compress {get; set;}

Return Type

true, if transferred data compression enabled; otherwise false. The default value is false.


Compressing data leads to reducing network traffic, in exchange for CPU usage on both client and server sides. When using Compress, keep in mind the following nuances.

MySQL applies compression to every packet, including small ones. When trying to compress small amount of data, the resulting archive is actually bigger than source data block (because of headers and other auxiliary information). Thus, using compression in queries that do not transfer BLOB data causes network load to be heavier. To obtain performance gains, use Compress property when transferring *BLOB (*TEXT) fields.

When a value is assigned to this property, the Devart.Data.MySql.MySqlConnection is closed.


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MySqlConnection Class  | MySqlConnection Members



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