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MySqlParameterCollection Class

Devart.Data.MySql Namespace : MySqlParameterCollection Class

Collects all parameters relevant to a MySqlCommand as well as their respective mappings to DataSet columns.

For a list of all members of this type, see MySqlParameterCollection members.

Inheritance Hierarchy



[Visual Basic]
Public Class MySqlParameterCollection    Inherits DbParameterBaseCollection    Implements ICollectionIEnumerableIListIDataParameterCollection 
public class MySqlParameterCollection : DbParameterBaseCollection, ICollectionIEnumerableIListIDataParameterCollection 


The number of parameters in the collection must be equal to the number of parameter placeholders within the command text, or MySQL raises an error.


The following example adds instance of MySqlParameter to collection.


public void AddMySqlParameters() 

  // Create myConnection and myCommand. 
  myCommand.CommandText = "DELETE Test.Dept WHERE DeptNo = :DeptNo"; 
  myCommand.Parameters.Add("DeptNo", MySqlType.Int).Value = 50; 

[Visual Basic] 

Public Sub AddMySqlParameters()
  // Create myConnection and myCommand.

  myCommand.CommandText = "DELETE Test.Dept WHERE DeptNo = :DeptNo"
  myCommand.Parameters.Add("DeptNo", MySqlType.Int).Value = 50

End Sub 'AddMySqlParameters


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