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LinqConnect is the fast and lightweight ORM solution, which is closely compatible to Microsoft LINQ to SQL and contains its own advanced features, such as complex type support, advanced data fetching options, configurable compiled query caching, and others. LinqConnect is integrated into dotConnect for Oracle, dotConnect for MySQL, dotConnect for PostgreSQL, and dotConnect for SQLite.

LinqConnect includes run time assemblies to be used directly by your code, and a visual tool - Entity Developer, which helps you build object-relational model from scratch or by reverse-engineering your database.

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What is LINQ?

LINQ stands for Language-Integrated Query, which means that data retrieval is no longer a separate language. The LINQ engine allows .NET applications to connect to databases without bothering much about columns and rows. The data you receive is automatically formed as objects ready to use by your business logic.

LINQ to Relational Data may be thought of as an object-relational mapping (ORM) tool. The type-safe LINQ queries get compiled into MSIL on the fly, and the query clauses are translated into SQL and sent to Oracle server for execution. This makes your data access layer safer, faster, and greatly more convenient to design.

Why Use LinqConnect?

Let's briefly enumerate just four main reasons to use LinqConnect in your applications:

Key Features

Visual Model Creation

LinqConnect includes a powerful visual tool for creating entity model that describes your business objects and their mapping to the database. You can design the model from scratch or reverse-engineer an existing database, in which case you will have the classes and the relations with just several clicks.

Screenshot Entity Developer

Entity Developer generates the classes in C# or Visual Basic. These classes (the model) is used by your application code.

Feature Information


LinqConnect requires .NET Framework 3.5 or later installed on the computer.

Documentation And Samples

LinqConnect includes documentation that covers LinqConnect usage and run time reference.

For a quick start with the technology you can use LinqConnect Tutorial.

There are three demo projects in C# and Visual Basic that can help you start using LinqConnect. Use Start menu to open them.

Discussion Forum

LinqConnect has a dedicated forum where you can get help on using the technology within Devart dotConnects.

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