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ClassMemCryptStorage This class represents an in-memory storage for keys and certificates for establishing a protected SSL or SSH connection. It allows you to upload certificates and keys into memory once when the application starts and don't load certificate and key from some external sources (for example, files) each time when a connection is opened.
ClassPgSqlAlerter Manages PostgreSQL notifications with LISTEN and NOTIFY commands.
ClassPgSqlAlerterAlertEventArgs Provides data for the PgSqlAlerter.Alert event.
ClassPgSqlAlerterErrorEventArgs Provides data for the PgSqlAlerter.Error event.
ClassPgSqlAlerterStoppedEventArgs Provides data for the PgSqlAlerter.Stopped event.
ClassPgSqlAttribute Represents PostgreSQL column in a composite type.
ClassPgSqlAttributeCollection Represents collection of PgSqlAttribute objects.
ClassPgSqlAuthenticationPromptEventArgs Provides data for the PgSqlConnection.AuthenticationPrompt event.
ClassPgSqlBigIntRange Represents the PostgreSQL int8range type. Each object of the PgSqlBigIntRange class stores a range of integer values.
ClassPgSqlBlob Represents a variable-length stream of binary data to be stored in or retrieved from a database.
ClassPgSqlCommand Represents a SQL statement or stored procedure to execute against PostgreSQL.
ClassPgSqlCommandBuilder Automatically generates single-table commands used to reconcile changes made to a System.Data.DataSet with the PostgreSQL.
ClassPgSqlConnection Represents an open connection to PostgreSQL.
ClassPgSqlConnectionStringBuilder Generates automatically connection strings used to connect to PostgreSQL.
ClassPgSqlCursor Represents a PostgreSQL REF CURSOR and value of cursor field.
ClassPgSqlDataAdapter Represents a set of data commands and a data source connection that are used to fill the System.Data.DataSet and update a PostgreSQL data.
ClassPgSqlDataReader Reads a forward-only stream of rows from PostgreSQL.
ClassPgSqlDataSet Represents an in-memory cache of data with support for PostgreSQL-specific features.
ClassPgSqlDataSourceEnumerator Retrieves list of available servers in the network.
ClassPgSqlDataTable Represents a single object that provides all of the functionality needed to retrieve and manipulate data from a PostgreSQL data source.
ClassPgSqlDateRange Represents the PostgreSQL daterange type. Each object of the PgSqlDateRange class stores a range of date values.
ClassPgSqlDependency Tracks changes on the server.
ClassPgSqlDependencyErrorEventArgs Provides data for the PgSqlDependency.Error event of the PgSqlDependency class.
ClassPgSqlDump Serves to store a database or its parts as a script and also to restore database from the received script.
ClassPgSqlError Represents a PostgreSQL notice, warning, and error messages.
ClassPgSqlErrorCollection Represents a collection of PgSqlError objects.
ClassPgSqlErrorEventArgs Provides data for the PgSqlConnection.Error event.
ClassPgSqlException The exception that is generated when PostgreSQL returns a warning or error.
ClassPgSqlInfoMessageEventArgs Provides data for the PgSqlConnection.InfoMessage event.
ClassPgSqlIntRange Represents the PostgreSQL int4range type. Each object of the PgSqlIntRange class stores a range of integer values.
ClassPgSqlLargeObject Represents a PostgreSQL large object.
ClassPgSqlLoader Serves to load external data into PostgreSQL.
ClassPgSqlLoaderColumn Represents the attributes for column loading.
ClassPgSqlLoaderColumnCollection Represents a collection of columns relevant to a PgSqlLoader.
ClassPgSqlLoaderErrorEventArgs Provides data for the PgSqlLoader.Error event of the PgSqlLoader class.
ClassPgSqlLocalization This static class allows configuring localization settings.
ClassPgSqlMetaDataCollectionNames Enumerates collection names you can use for metadata retrieval purposes.
ClassPgSqlMonitor Monitors dynamic SQL execution in applications that use dotConnect for PostgreSQL.
ClassPgSqlNotificationEventArgs Provides data for the PgSqlConnection.Notification event of the Devart.Data.PostgreSql.PgSqlConnection class.
ClassPgSqlNumericRange Represents the PostgreSQL numrange type. Each object of the PgSqlNumericRange class stores a range of integer values.
ClassPgSqlParameter Represents a parameter to a PgSqlCommand, and optionally, its mapping to System.Data.DataSet columns.
ClassPgSqlParameterCollection Collects all parameters relevant to a PgSqlCommand as well as their respective mappings to System.Data.DataSet columns.
ClassPgSqlProviderFactory Represents a factory required to create inheritors of generic base classes to use with dotConnect for PostgreSQL.
ClassPgSqlRangeType<T> Generic base type for classes, representing PostgreSQL range types.
ClassPgSqlRow Represents PostgreSQL composite type data.
ClassPgSqlRowType Represents PostgreSQL row data type.
ClassPgSqlRowUpdatedEventArgs Provides data for the PgSqlDataAdapter.RowUpdated event.
ClassPgSqlRowUpdatingEventArgs Provides data for the PgSqlDataAdapter.RowUpdating event. This class cannot be inherited.
ClassPgSqlScript Serves to execute series of SQL statements separated by special symbols.
ClassPgSqlSelectLimit Represents PostgreSQL LIMIT clause.
ClassPgSqlSelectStatement Represents PostgreSQL SELECT statement.
ClassPgSqlStatementExecuteEventArgs Provides data for the Devart.Data.PostgreSql.PgSqlScript.PgSqlStatementExecute event of the PgSqlScript class.
ClassPgSqlTableChangeEventArgs Provides data for the PgSqlDependency.OnChange event of the PgSqlDependency class.
ClassPgSqlText Represents a variable-length stream of characters to be stored in or retrieved from the database.
ClassPgSqlTimeStampRange Represents the PostgreSQL tsrange type. Each object of the PgSqlTimeStampRange class stores a range of integer values.
ClassPgSqlTimeStampTZRange Represents the PostgreSQL tstzrange type. Each object of the PgSqlTimeStampTZRange class stores a range of integer values.
ClassPgSqlTransaction Represents a SQL transaction to be made in the PostgreSQL database.
ClassRestoreProgressEventArgs Provides data for the PgSqlDump.RestoreProgress event of the Devart.Data.PostgreSql.PgSqlDump class.
ClassSshOptions Represents information required to establish a SSH connection.
ClassSslOptions Represents information required to establish a SSL connection.


StructurePgSqlArray Represents a PostgreSQL ARRAY value.
StructurePgSqlBox Represents PostgreSQL box geometric data type.
StructurePgSqlCircle Represents PostgreSQL circle geometric data type.
StructurePgSqlInet Represents the PostgreSQL inet or cidr data type that stores an IPv4 or IPv6 address and optionally its subnet.
StructurePgSqlInterval Represents the PostgreSQL INTERVAL data type. Each object of the PgSqlInterval class stores a period of time in years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds.
StructurePgSqlLine Represents PostgreSQL line geometric data type.
StructurePgSqlLSeg Represents PostgreSQL lseg geometric data type.
StructurePgSqlMacAddr Represents the PostgreSQL macaddr data type that stores MAC addresses.
StructurePgSqlPath Represents PostgreSQL path geometric data type.
StructurePgSqlPoint Represents PostgreSQL point geometric data type.
StructurePgSqlPolygon Represents PostgreSQL polygon geometric data type.
StructurePgSqlTime Represents the PostgreSQL date and timestamp data types.
StructurePgSqlTimeStamp Represents the PostgreSQL date and timestamp data types.


DelegateOnChangeEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the PgSqlDependency.OnChange event of a PgSqlDependency.
DelegatePgSqlAlerterAlertEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the PgSqlAlerter.Alert event of PgSqlAlerter.
DelegatePgSqlAlerterErrorEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the PgSqlAlerter.Error event of PgSqlAlerter.
DelegatePgSqlAlerterStoppedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the PgSqlAlerter.Stopped event of PgSqlAlerter.
DelegatePgSqlAuthenticationPromptHandler Represents the method that will handle the PgSqlConnection.AuthenticationPrompt event of Devart.Data.PostgreSql.PgSqlConnection.
DelegatePgSqlDependencyErrorEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the PgSqlDependency.Error event of PgSqlDependency.
DelegatePgSqlErrorEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the PgSqlConnection.Error event of a Devart.Data.PostgreSql.PgSqlConnection.
DelegatePgSqlInfoMessageEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the PgSqlConnection.InfoMessage event of PgSqlConnection.
DelegatePgSqlLoaderErrorEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the PgSqlLoader.Error event of a PgSqlLoader.
DelegatePgSqlNotificationEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the PgSqlConnection.Notification event of a Devart.Data.PostgreSql.PgSqlConnection.
DelegatePgSqlRowUpdatedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the PgSqlDataAdapter.RowUpdated event of an PgSqlDataAdapter.
DelegatePgSqlRowUpdatingEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the PgSqlDataAdapter.RowUpdating event of an PgSqlDataAdapter.
DelegatePgSqlStatementExecuteEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the Devart.Data.PostgreSql.PgSqlScript.PgSqlStatementExecute event of an PgSqlScript.
DelegateRestoreProgressEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the PgSqlDump.RestoreProgress event of the Devart.Data.PostgreSql.PgSqlDump class.
DelegateSshHostKeyConfirmationHandler Represents the method that will handle the Devart.Data.PostgreSql.PgSqlConnection.SshHostKeyConfirmation event of Devart.Data.PostgreSql.PgSqlConnection.


EnumerationPgSqlDumpObjects Determines which database objects will be included in the dump.
EnumerationPgSqlLargeObjectOpenMode Specifies how to open an existing large object - for reading or for writing.
EnumerationPgSqlLoaderMode Determines the operating mode of the PgSqlLoader.
EnumerationPgSqlType Specifies the data type of a field, property, Devart.Data.PostgreSql.PgSqlParameter or PgSqlAttribute.
EnumerationProtocolVersion Specifies version of protocol to be used when more than one is available.
EnumerationSeverity Specifies a severity of occurred event.
EnumerationSshAuthenticationType Specifies a type of the SSH protocol authentication.
EnumerationSslMode Determines SSL connection priority.
EnumerationTargetSession Determines how the host to connect to is selected from the list when multiple hosts are specified in the Host connection string parameter. See Load Balancing and Failover for more information.
EnumerationTransactionErrorBehavior Determines how dotConnect for PostgreSQL handles errors, which occur within a transaction.

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