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Cache Overview

dotConnect for Salesforce can cache and data on the local computer. Using cache gives you the following benefits:

dotConnect for Salesforce caches data on per-table basis. That means you can create, modify, and delete cache for each table separately. Cache must be created explicitly, by default data is not cached.

When creating a cache for a table, you may optionally specify the filter condition to store only the objects you need in cache. However, note that when you query this table, you will get only the filtered objects that are stored in the cache. Even if the query does not contain such filter, you still will get only the filtered objects.

Once a cache is created, its use is transparent to the application. After creating cache, the next query to this table (object) will populate the cache. After that all the queries referencing to this object use cached data of this object instead of querying it from or

Cache is stored in a local SQLite database. It is located in the user Application Data directory (C:\Users\{user name}\AppData\Roaming) by default and is named by the or account name, however, you may set its location in the "Data Cache" connection string parameter. Cache database is shared between different connections to the same or account and even can be transferred to other computers.

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