TMappedMetaType Members

TMappedMetaType class overview.


Name Description

AllowCaching (inherited from TMetaType)

Allows to enable or disable entity caching.

ComplexMetaAttributes (inherited from TMetaType)

A list of all the complex attributes in the meta-type.


Class in Delphi, instances of which will be created for every new Entity with this meta-type.


Used for fast access by index.


Describes inheritance if the given meta-type has it.


Value generators for key.

MetaAttributes (inherited from TMetaType)

A list of all the attributes in the meta-type.

MetaCollections (inherited from TMetaType)

A list of all the collections in the meta-type.


Primary key or any other key, that allows to uniquely identify an Entity.

MetaReferences (inherited from TMetaType)

A list of all the references in the meta-type.

MetaTable (inherited from TMetaType)

Specifies the table in the database, which the meta-type corresponds to.

Model (inherited from TMetaType)

Specifies the meta-model, which the meta-type belongs to.

Name (inherited from TMetaData)

Specifies the name of metadata.
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