Devart's High Five for dbForge Data Compare for Oracle

It's our party and you are the one to get presents. High five, because it sounds like a win-win! Devart gives away discounts, free licenses and valuable gifts just for spreading the word about dbForge Data Compare for Oracle.

Each blogger*, now has a chance to get a few bonuses from us. The offer is on starting from today and up until the product version remains current. The following table contains all the information on Devart's High Five rewards**.

Yes, we are going to need some proof of your activity. Send us your prooflinks via this contact form.

Like our page on Facebook
and share news on the
release with your friends.
Show us a link to your profile*
with news story share (only
openprofiles acceptable), and
get -15% on the product.
Put +1 for Devart on Google+,
add us to circles, and share
news on the release with
Show us a link to your profile
with the +1 and the wallpost*,
and get -20% on the product.
Make a thread about the
product in any relevant*
group of LinkedIn.
Show us a link to the thread
or a screenshot, if the group
is closed, and get -25% on the
Write a product review (500
to 1000 words).
Show us a link to your review
on a relevan twebsite or blog*,
and get a free licence on the
Are you an Oracle ACE?
Send us a link to your Oracle
ACE profile, and get a free
license on the product.

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* For you to be eligible for our program, your blog, social network profile or web-site must be:

  • relevant to the database-related topics
  • at least 6 months old
  • updated on a regular basis - i.e., posts must appear with a set periodicity (on a daily, weekly, monthly basis), and a post prior to a post about our product mustn't be older than a month.

** Discounts cannot be stacked up and apply to new licenses only.