TMyConnection.Options Property

Specifies the behaviour of TMyConnection object.




property Options: TMyConnectionOptions;


Set the properties of Options to specify the behaviour of a TMyConnection object.

Descriptions of all options are in the table below.

Option Name Description
CheckBackslashes Used to check the value of the NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES server variable.
Compress Used to apply compression on transferring data.
Direct Used to work without using MySQL client library (libmysql.dll).
Embedded Used to specify the server that will be used to connect.
Interactive Permit interactive_timeout seconds (instead of wait_timeout seconds) of inactivity before closing the connection. The client's session wait_timeout variable is set to the value of the session interactive_timeout variable.
IPVersion Used to specify the version of the Internet Protocol
Protocol Used to specify the protocol to use when connecting to server.

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