MySQL Data Access Components History

This page lists the functionality added in each version of MySQL Data Access Components. To view the full changelog including bug fixes, consult the MyDAC revision history.

26-Nov-2018 New Features in MyDAC 9.3:

  • RAD Studio 10.3 Rio is supported
  • Support for PAM and Windows authentications is added
  • Support of UPPER and LOWER functions for Unified SQL is added
  • TMyConnection.OnDialogAuthPlugin event is added

09-Jul-2018 New Features in MyDAC 9.2:

  • Lazarus 1.8.4 is supported
  • MySQL 8 is supported
  • Support for sha2_password, caching_sha2_password authentications is added
  • Performance of batch operations is improved
  • Demo projects for IntraWeb 14 are added

19-Sep-2017 New Features in MyDAC 9.1:

  • Azure Database for MySQL is supported
  • JSON data type is supported

05-Apr-17 New Features in MyDAC 9.0:

  • RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo is supported
  • Linux in RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo is supported
  • Lazarus 1.6.4 and Free Pascal 3.0.2 is supported
  • Support for HTTPS protocol is added

25-Apr-16 New Features in MyDAC 8.7:

  • RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin is supported
  • Lazarus 1.6 and FPC 3.0.0 is supported
  • Support for the BETWEEN statement in TDADataSet.Filter is added
  • Support for utf8mb4 charset is added
  • SmartFetch mode in Disconnected mode is supported
  • Data Type Mapping performance is improved
  • Performance of TDALoader on loading data from TDataSet is improved

09-Sep-15 New Features in MyDAC 8.6:

  • RAD Studio 10 Seattle is supported
  • Now Trial for Win64 is a fully functional Professional Edition
  • INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE batch operations are supported
  • MariaDB Embedded is supported

14-Apr-15 New Features in MyDAC 8.5:

  • RAD Studio XE8 is supported
  • AppMethod is supported

15-Sep-14 New Features in MyDAC 8.4:

  • RAD Studio XE7 is supported
  • Lazarus 1.2.4 is supported
  • The TCustomDADataSet.GetKeyFieldNames method is added
  • The ConstraintColumns metadata kind for the TMyMetaData component is added
  • Demo projects for FastReport 5 are added

29-Apr-14 New Features in MyDAC 8.3:

  • Delphi XE6 is supported
  • Android in C++Builder XE6 is supported
  • Lazarus 1.2.2 and FPC 2.6.4 is supported
  • SmartFetch mode for TDataSet descendants is added
  • The TMyDataSetOptions.MasterDetailNullable property is added
  • Now update queries inside TDataSet descendants have correct owner

25-Dec-13 New Features in MyDAC 8.2:

  • iOS in C++Builder XE5 is supported
  • RAD Studio XE5 Update 2 is now required
  • Now .obj and .o files are supplied for C++Builder
  • Compatibility of migrating floating-point fields from other components is improved

19-Sep-13 New Features in MyDAC 8.1:

  • RAD Studio XE5 is supported
  • Application development for Android is supported
  • Lazarus 1.0.12 is supported
  • IPv6 protocol support is added
  • MariaDB is supported
  • Performance is improved
  • Automatic checking for new versions is added
  • The possibility to use conditions is added
  • Support of the IN keyword in the TDataSet.Filter property is added
  • Like operator behaviour when used in the Filter property is now similar to TClientDataSet
  • The possibility to use ranges is added
  • The AllowImplicitConnect option for the TMyConnection component is added
  • The SQLRecCount property for the TMyQuery and TMyStoredProc components is added
  • The ScanParams property for the TMyScript component is added
  • The RowsAffected property for the TMyScript component is added
  • ConnectionTimeout is now used when disconnecting after connection loss

25-Apr-13 New Features in MyDAC 8.0:

  • RAD Studio XE4 is supported
  • NEXTGEN compiler is supported
  • Application development for iOS is supported
  • FPC 2.6.2 and Lazarus 1.0.8 are supported
  • Connection string support is added
  • Possibility to encrypt entire tables and datasets is added
  • Possibility to determine if data in a field is encrypted is added
  • Support for TimeStamp, Single and Extended fields in VirtualTable is added

17-Dec-12 New Features in MyDAC 7.6

  • RAD Studio XE3 Update 1 is now required
  • C++Builder 64-bit for Windows is supported
  • TMyDumpOptions.FieldsAsString property for dumping all data types as string is added

10-Sep-12 New Features in MyDAC 7.5:

  • RAD Studio XE3 is supported
  • Windows 8 is supported

21-Jun-12 New Features in MyDAC 7.2:

  • Update 4 Hotfix 1 for RAD Studio XE2, Delphi XE2, and C++Builder XE2 is now required
  • Data Type Mapping support is added
  • Data encryption in a client application is added
  • The TMyEncryptor component for data encryption is added
  • Calling of the TCustomDASQL.BeforeExecute event is added

23-Nov-11 New Features in MyDAC 7.1:

  • Update 2 for RAD Studio XE2, Delphi XE2, and C++Builder XE2 is now required
  • macOS and iOS in RAD Studio XE2 is supported
  • FireMonkey support is improved
  • Lazarus and Free Pascal 2.4.4 are supported
  • macOS in Lazarus is supported
  • Linux x64 in Lazarus is supported
  • FreeBSD in Lazarus is supported
  • Performance of SQL query generation for stored procedure execution is improved

15-Sep-11 New Features in MyDAC 7.0:

  • Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 is supported
  • Application development for 64-bit Windows is supported
  • FireMonkey application development platform is supported
  • Support of master/detail relationship for TVirtualTable is added
  • OnProgress event in TVirtualTable is added
  • TDADataSetOptions.SetEmptyStrToNull property that allows inserting NULL value instead of empty string is added

28-Apr-11 New Features in MyDAC 6.10

  • Lazarus 0.9.30 and FPC 2.4.2 is supported
  • Delphi XE and C++Builder XE Starter Edition are supported
  • Now the BreakExec method also stops working when getting record count if QueryRecCount=True

13-Sep-10 New Features in MyDAC 6.00

  • Embarcadero RAD Studio XE supported

10-Sep-09 New Features in MyDAC 5.90

  • Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010 supported

02-Apr-09 New Features in MyDAC 5.80

  • Free Pascal under Linux supported
  • Added NoPreconnect property to TMyScript for executing CONNECT and CREATE DATABASE commands

23-Oct-08 New Features in MyDAC 5.70

  • Delphi 2009 and C++Builder 2009 supported
  • Extended Unicode support for Delphi 2007 added (special Unicode build)
  • Free Pascal 2.2 supported
  • Powerful design-time editors implemented in Lazarus
  • Completed with more comprehensive structured Help

21-Aug-08 New Features in MyDAC 5.55

  • dbForge Fusion for MySQL support added

23-May-08 New Features in MyDAC 5.50

  • Added compatibility with UniDAC
  • Improved support of default field values
  • The new component for metadata receiving added
  • Added ability to specify key fields for a dataset
  • Added support of automatic records locking

27-Sep-07 New Features in MyDAC 5.20

  • CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 supported
  • Added the OnProgress event in TMyLoader

15-Jun-07 New Features in MyDAC 5.10

  • C++Builder 2007 supported

22-Mar-07 New features in MyDAC 5.00

  • New functionality:
    • Delphi 2007 for Win32 supported
    • Disconnected model for working offline and automatically connecting and disconnecting supported
    • Local failover for detecting connection loss and implicitly reexecuting some operations supported
    • Added DataSet Manager to control project datasets
    • Integration with MySQL Developer Tools 2.00 added
    • New component for transferring data between all types of TDataSets descendants added
    • Output parameters from stored procedures and functions retrieval supported
    • Data export and import to/from XML supported
    • WideMemo field type in Delphi 2006 supported
    • AutoRefresh mode support added
    • Option to break long-duration query execution added
    • Ability to search for installed MySQL servers on the network added
    • Support for sending messages to DBMonitor from any point of your program added
  • Support for more MySQL server functionality:
    • HANDLER syntax support in TMyTable added
    • Enumeration values retrieval for the ENUM and SET fields added
  • Extensions and improvements to existing functionality:
    • General performance improved
    • Master/detail functionality extensions:
    • Local master/detail relationship support added
    • Master/detail relationship in CachedUpdates mode support added
  • TMyScript component improvements:
    • Support for executing individual statements in scripts added
    • Support for executing huge scripts stored in files with dynamic loading added
    • Ability to use standard MySQL client tool syntax added
  • Working with calculated and lookup fields improvements:
    • Local sorting and filtering added
    • Record location speed increased
    • Improved working with lookup fields
  • Greatly increased performance of applying updates in CachedUpdates mode
  • Connection pool functionality improvements:
    • Efficiency significantly improved
    • API for draining the connection pool added
  • Option to ignore or replace records with duplicated key values in TMyLoader added
  • Enhanced TMyServerControl functionality for working with server values
  • Ability to customize update commands by attaching external components to TMyUpdateQuery objects added
  • Usability improvements:
    • Syntax highlighting in design-time editors added
    • Demo projects became better organized and clearer

28-Aug-06 New features in MyDAC 4.40

  • Optimized TDALoader.CreateColumns method
  • Support for Professional editions of Turbo Delphi, Turbo Delphi for .NET, Turbo C++ added
  • Added support for macros names in which first symbol is digit
  • Added capability to use quoted field names in IndexFieldNames property

18-May-06 New features in MyDAC 4.30.1

  • MyDAC is now compatible with InterBase Data Access Components
  • Modifying FieldDefs in TVirtualTable component accelerated
  • Performance of SaveToFile and LoadFromFile functions in TVirtualTable improved

26-Jan-06 New features in MyDAC 4.30

  • Support for Delphi 2006 added
  • BIT fields of MySQL 5.0 and above are now represented as TLargeintField
  • FastReport 3.20 support added
  • Added server version checking on Prepare method
  • Added capability to close DataSet quicker when FetchAll property is False
  • Improved performance of updating recordsets with multiple fields
  • TCustomDADataSet.Locate now centers position in DBGrid
  • Added support for MIDAS TDataSet.PSExecuteStatement ResultSet parameter

07-Dec-05 New features in MyDAC 4.00.2

  • Added 'delimiter' keyword support in TMyScript
  • TCustomDADataSet.FindKey, TCustomDADataSet.FindNearest methods added for BDE compatibility
  • Added BIT and INTEGER types support in parameters of stored procedures

02-Sep-05 New features in MyDAC 4.00.1

  • Deferred detail dataset refresh feature with TCustomDADataSet.Options.DetailDelay property added
  • TCustomMyConnection.Ping behavior in case connection loss improved
  • FieldDefs.Update behavior in case of temporary tables improved
  • Added capability to prevent simultaneous access of several MyEmbConnection instances to single data folder

29-Jul-05 New features in MyDAC 4.00

  • Unicode support added
  • Enhanced support for MySQL Embedded Server with TMyEmbConnection component added
  • Binary protocol support for MySQL 4.1 and above added
  • Encrypted SSL connections support with OpenSSL added
  • Enhanced support for national charsets added with TMyConnectionOptions.Charset property
  • BLOB compression support added
  • RefreshQuick for TCustomMyDataSet added
  • Retrieve field's default value added with TCustomMyDataSet.Options.DefaultValues property
  • Large amount of data support for TMyDump added
  • Server start/stop ability for TMyServerControl added
  • TMyBuilder component added for easy using MySQLBuilder at run-time
  • Optimized macros processing
  • FAQ added
  • Tested with MySQL server 5.0.9

30-May-05 New features in MyDAC 3.55

  • MySQL 5.0.3 BIT type support added
  • Optimized MySQLMonitor BLOB parameters processing
  • Ability of automatic preparing query with TCustomDADataSet.Options.AutoPrepare property added
  • Ability to synchronize position at different DataSets with TCustomDADataSet.GotoCurrent method added

21-Jan-05 New features in MyDAC 3.50

  • Support for Delphi 2005 added
  • TMySQLMonitor.OnSQL can return statement encoded to an escaped SQL string
  • Support for ConnectionTimeout in TMyConnection.ExecSQL added
  • CommandTimeout default value set to 0 (infinite)
  • Lock Demo added
  • DECIMAL column type in MySQL 5.0.3 support added
  • Update Pack 3 is required for Delphi 8

21-Oct-04 New features in MyDAC 3.30

  • Full support for all current authentication protocols added
  • Generating update SQL for tables from other database added
  • TCustomMyDataSet.Options.EnableBoolean property added
  • TMyConnection.ThreadId property added
  • lxPartialCompare option for DataSet.LocateEx added
  • FastReport3 engine and demo added
  • Ability to store only a part of data in TMyDump.BackupQuery added
  • Creating additional connection for TMyDump disabled
  • TCustomMyDataSet.CommandTimeout property added
  • "True" value for boolean fields and parameters stored as "1"

10-Sep-04 New features in MyDAC 3.10.2

  • Common class DADataAdapter isolated to CoreLab.Dac.AdoNet.dll library

22-Jul-04 New features in MyDAC 3.10.1

  • Assembly CoreLab.MyDac.Data renamed to CoreLab.MyDac.AdoNet
  • Fatal errors processing improved
  • TINYINT(1) fields now represented as TBooleanField

08-Jul-04 New features in MyDAC 3.10

  • Local sorting ability with TMemDataSet.IndexFieldNames added
  • TCustomMyTable.IndexDefs property added
  • TMyConnection.Options.NumericType property added
  • TMyStoredProc component added
  • MyDataAdapter component added

29-Apr-04 New features in MyDAC 3.00.1

  • TCustomMyDataSet.Options.LongStrings property added
  • TMyLoader.OnPutData event published again
  • Trial version IDE warning disabled
  • TCRColumn.TotalValue property added

09-Apr-04 New features in MyDAC 3.00

  • Support for Delphi 8 added
  • Connection pooling support
  • Performance improved
  • TMyLoader performance greatly improved
  • TCRGrid sources in Standard edition
  • .NET Windows Forms demo project added
  • ASP.NET demo project added
  • Global variable MySQLClientLibrary added
  • New time trial limitation

05-Feb-04 New features in MyDAC 2.00.3

  • SELECT '' support added
  • Method TMyConnection.Ping added
  • Method TMyConnection.GetExecuteInfo added
  • Mouse wheel support added to CRDBGrid
  • MySQL Embedded server Demo added
  • ConnectDialog Demo added

30-Dec-03 New features in MyDAC 2.00.2

  • BDE Migration Wizard algorithm optimized
  • Limited MySQL server 4.1.1 support added
  • If libmysql.dll not found then raise EOSError (instead of Exception)
  • Property TCustomMyDataSet.InsertId: int64 added
  • timestamp support added for CheckRowVersion = True

24-Nov-03 New features in MyDAC 2.00.1

  • BDE Migration Wizard algorithm optimized
  • Limited MySQL server 4.1.1 support added
  • If libmysql.dll not found then raise EOSError (instead of Exception)
  • Property TCustomMyDataSet.InsertId: int64 added
  • timestamp support added for CheckRowVersion = True

02-Oct-03 New features in MyDAC 2.00

  • Access to MySQL without client library using DirectMySQLObjects by Cristian Nicola
  • Prepare support and new parameter binding schema for MySQL 4.1 added
  • Supports working with MySQL server and Embedded server at the same time
  • BDE migration wizard
  • TMyDump component to store a database or its parts as a script
  • TMyBackup component for backup coping specified tables on the server
  • TMyServerControl component to manage the server and standard service tasks execution
  • TMyLoader component for fast loading data to the server
  • New options of TMyConnection such as Compress, Protocol, Direct and Embedded added
  • New properties ClientVersion, ServerVersion were added to TMyConnection
  • Method ExecSQL in TMyConnection added
  • Methods GetTableNames and GetDatabaseNames in TMyConnection added
  • Property TMyConnection.Charset added
  • Property TMyConnection.IsolationLevel added
  • Methods LockTable and UnlockTable added to TCustomMyDataset
  • Properties Limit and Offset added to TCustomMyTable
  • Method TCustomMyTable.EmptyTable added
  • FetchAll set to True by default
  • Large SQL (INSERT/UPDATE BLOB's) executing performance greatly improved

06-Jun-03 New features in MyDAC 1.50

  • MySQL Embedded Server support added
  • MySQL Server 4.1 limited support added
  • Properties Port and Database in ConnectForm added
  • RefreshRecord performance improved
  • InfoPower demos added
  • 'Explain query...' added to design-time MyQuery menu
  • 'Show CREATE...' added to design-time MyQuery and MyTable menus
  • SQL Generator improved - support for complicated statements added
  • SQL Generator improved - "Quote names" checkbox added
  • Complex keys support added
  • Design-time SQL Generator was simplified
  • TParam -> TDAParam
  • MySQL Embedded Server support added for Kylix
  • Check for datadir present added
  • Changed behavior on calculating affected rows count

04-Apr-03 New features in MyDAC 1.30.2

  • Unit MySQLAccess renamed to MyClasses
  • Property TMyDataSetOptions.LongStrings removed
  • Parameters parsing improved. Symbol ':' in string literals is ignored
  • Search algorithm for '' under Linux improved

24-Feb-03 New features in MyDAC 1.30.1

  • Refresh improved - current record is restored after Refresh call
  • Property MyConnection.Options.KeepDesignConnected added
  • Property MyConnectDialog.StoreLogInfo published
  • Property MyScript.DataSet was published
  • Property TMyCommand.InsertId: int64 added
  • TINYTEXT -> TMemoField, TINYBLOB -> TBlobField
  • Support for TIMESTAMP (10), TIMESTAMP (4), TIMESTAMP (2) added
  • Support for LIKE expressions in Filter property added

30-Jan-03 New features in MyDAC 1.30

  • MySQL v4.0 support added
  • Dataset 'with many fields' update performance improved
  • Improved performance for opening queries with lot of parameters

26-Dec-02 New features in MyDAC 1.20

  • Kylix2 and Kylix3 support
  • ReportBuilder demos added
  • DBMonitor client implementation moved to COM server
  • Fetch performance improved for DataSet.FetchAll = True
  • 'Connection Lost' error processing improved

08-Oct-02 New features in MyDAC 1.10

  • Delphi 7 support
  • New memory management model for ftString and ftVarBytes types. Allows significantly decrease memory usage on large tables fetch. Controlled by FlatBuffers dataset option
  • Support for blob fields in CachedUpdates mode

26-Aug-01 First release of MyDAC 1.00