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18-Dec-03 Release of PostgreSQLDirect .NET Data Provider 1.50

  • PostgreSQL 7.4 support
  • Support for connection pooling added
  • New component PgSqlMonitor added
  • Documentation integrated into Visual Studio .NET

01-Dec-03 Release of MySQLBuilder 1.06

  • Visual building queries
  • View result in the grid
  • Supports the latest versions of MySQL

08-Oct-03 Release of Oracle Data Access Components 4.50

  • XMLTYPE datatype support added
  • WideString support added to work with Unicode character data
  • Transparent Application Failover support added

03-Oct-03 Release of OraDirect .NET 2.00

  • Fully rewritten 100% managed code
  • Available Standard and Professional editions
  • Support Oracle 9i types such as TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL
  • Support Oracle object types OBJECT, VARRAY, TABLE, REF
  • Native classes and structures to represent Oracle types
  • Connection pooling support
  • Unicode support added
  • Array binding feature support
  • PL/SQL tables support

02-Oct-03 Release of MySQL Data Access Components 2.00

  • Access to MySQL without client library
  • Supports working with MySQL server and Embedded server at the same time
  • BDE migration wizard
  • TMyDump component to store a database or its parts as a script
  • TMyBackup component for backup coping specified tables on the server
  • TMyServerControl component to manage the server and standard service tasks execution
  • TMyLoader component for fast loading data to the server

23-Sep-03 Release of MySQLDirect .NET 1.80

  • Support connection pooling
  • Multiple query execution support added
  • Ability to store data in DataReader object added
  • Migration wizard from ODBC and OLE DB .NET Data Providers
  • Support Borland C#Builder

15-Sep-03 Release of dbExpress driver for MySQL 1.50

  • Support MySQL protocol directly to connect without client library
  • Support MySQL Embedded server

20-Jun-03 Release of MySQLDirect .NET 1.60

  • Visual Studio .NET 2003 support added
  • MySQL embedded server support added
  • MySQL 4.1 support added
  • ODBC parameter format '?' supported
  • MySqlCommand.InsertId property added
  • MySQLDirect .NET help integrated into Visual Studio .NET

06-Jun-03 Release of MySQL Data Access Components 1.50

  • MySQL embedded server support added
  • MySQL server 4.1 limited support added

06-Jun-03 Release of Oracle Data Access Components 4.15

  • Support for Oracle internal NUMBER datatype added. Allows to work with high precision numbers without accuracy losses

PostgreSQLDirect .NET banner

15-Apr-03 Release of PostgreSQLDirect .NET Data Provider

  • Full featured .NET data provider
  • Direct access to PostgreSQL database
  • Completely written in C#

14-Feb-03 Release of MySQLDirect .NET 1.50

  • Support MySQL 4.0 gamma
  • New component MySqlScript added
  • Support DBMonitor
  • MySqlDataAdapter designer added
  • Support dataset generation for MySqlDataAdapter
  • MySqlBuilder for visual building queries

13-Feb-03 Release of dbExpress driver for MySQL

  • Fast, lightweight and easy to deploy
  • Driver for direct access to MySQL

11-Feb-03 Release of OraDirect .NET 1.50

  • New component OraScript added
  • New component OraLoader added
  • New component OraPackage added
  • Support DBMonitor
  • Oracle homes support
  • OraDataAdapter designer added
  • Support dataset generation for OraDataAdapter
  • Additional samples
  • Visual Basic .NET samples added

30-Jan-03 Release of Oracle Data Access Components 4.10

  • Support for Oracle 9i NOT FINAL objects added
  • TIMESTAMP and INTERVAL support for Oracle objects added

30-Jan-03 Release of MySQL Data Access Components 1.30

  • MySQL 4 support