Core Lab Updates IDE Add-Ins for Oracle

Latest version brings PL/SQL debugging, script management, and Oracle search to Visual Studio and Delphi.

December 21, 2006 - Core Lab Software Development has announced the release of a new version of OraDeveloper Tools, a powerful IDE extension for managing Oracle databases. OraDeveloper Tools 2.00 delivers project support, PL/SQL debugging, comprehensive Oracle search, and a collection of handy scripting and administration aids to application developers.

OraDeveloper Tools plugs directly into Microsoft Visual Studio and Borland Development Studio and lets you easily manage Oracle databases, design queries, and write SQL and PL/SQL code from the comfort of your favorite IDE. The new version is targeted at enhancing PL/SQL development support and introduces advanced debugging, scripting, and project management components.

New Features in OraDeveloper Tools 2.00:

  • New fully functional SQL and PL/SQL debugger with Breakpoints, a Call Stack, and a variable watches window.
  • Enhanced SQL editor with code completion, syntax coloring, and code templates.
  • Point-and-click object duplication, database backup, and full text, source, and object search.
  • Project management support for organizing related scripts and schema objects and creating database projects
  • DBA support with Security & Session Managers and an Event Monitor.
  • Visual editors for XML schemas, Materialized Views, and Materialized View Logs

OraDeveloper Tools 2.00 is compatible with Oracle 8.0, 8i, 9i, and 10g and supports both client and direct access connection modes. OraDeveloper Tools is available as a VSIP extension for Microsoft Visual Studio 2003/2005 and as an OTA extension for Borland Developer Studio 2005/2006. Product functionality can also be accessed outside existing IDEs with OraDeveloper Studio, a stand-alone development environment for Oracle. For more technical details, please consult

Pricing and Availability

OraDeveloper Tools 2.00 for Visual Studio and OraDeveloper Tools 2.00 for Borland Developer Studio are available immediately. The full edition price for all is $99.95. A free trial version of each extension package can be downloaded from OraDeveloper Tools 2.00 comes with full documentation and an extensive collection of tutorials. The full edition license includes one year of free technical support.

About Core Lab

Core Lab Software Development is an international company which entered the database connectivity market in 1998 with an optimized line of VCL data access components. Since then it has expanded its product line to include ADO.NET and BDP.NET providers, dbExpress drivers, Direct Access Components, IDE add-ins, and comprehensive development tools for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and other databases. Core Lab emphasizes an optimized approach to data management and is a leading provider of high-quality connectivity solutions for application developers and database professionals.

Core Lab Software Development is a Visual Studio Industry Partner, a Borland Technology Partner, and a MySQL DevConnect Member.