MyDeveloper Tools 2.10 for Visual Studio and Delphi Released!

September 21, 07

Core Lab announces the release of MyDeveloper Tools 2.10. Version 2.10 introduces improved Database Explorer and other features.

MyDeveloper Tools 2.10 offers you the following features:

Database Explorer Enhancements

  • Database Explorer now stores navigation history.
  • Different icons are available for different types of tables and folders.
  • Column type and size can be displayed in the Database Explorer.

Other New Features

  • Same file can be included several times in the deployment order for project deployment.
  • Security definer setting supported for views, stored procedures and functions.
  • Comments for table columns supported.
  • SQL Log output can now be customized.
  • Date format can now be set for the Data Editor.
  • Table columns can now be created using copy/paste operations.

You can try out the new version of the product by downloading it at MyDeveloper Tools download page.

To tell us what you think about the new release, visit the MyDeveloper Tools Feedback Page. We are looking forward to your comments and suggestions.