OraDeveloper Studio 2.50 Released!

August 30, 2007

Core Lab announces the release of OraDeveloper Studio 2.50. Version 2.50 introduces a large number of new features, including SQL*Plus command support, full shortcut customizing, schema export to SQL script and many others.

OraDeveloper Studio 2.50 offers you following features:

Advanced Context-sensitive Code Completion

  • Extended support of SQL and PL/SQL syntax
  • Code Completion now contains built-in Oracle functions

SQL*Plus Command Support

OraDeveloper supports:

  • VARIABLE, @ and @@ commands in debugging
  • Exporting a project to an SQL*Plus run script

The following SQL*Plus commands are supported:

  • @
  • @@

Keyboard Shortcut Customization

A set of keyboard mapping schemes with full customization added.

DDL generation improved

DDL generation is now highly customizable. You can tune DDL generation with plenty of options.

New Schema Objects Supported

The number of database objects which can be created with visual editors has increased. Here is the list of newly supported schema objects:

  • Clusters
  • Database links
  • Cluster indexes
  • Partitioned indexes

Database Object Dependency

Schema objects in the Database Explorer now have folders 'Depends on' and 'Used by'. You can access to object dependents and dependencies through these folders. You can now also easily compile object dependents and dependencies.

User comments for schema objects

OraDeveloper now allows you to view and edit comments for tables, views, materialized views, table and view columns.

Enhanced Code Templates

Code Templates window now allows you to preview code templates. Code templates are now not organized in folders in the completion list and can be inserted with typing template shortcut and pressing the Tab key.

Schema Export to SQL script

Schema Export Wizard provides you flexible export of a database or of some database objects to a script. Schema export can be tuned with a lot of options. You can export objects' structure, tables' data or both of them. Schema Import Wizard can import database from a script in a few clicks.

New Database Project Wizard

New Database Project Wizard allows you to create new Oracle project easily and to import existing database objects to the new project.

Database Object Search Enhancements

Find Object window design enhanced. Added full-text search in the non-source objects and data search in tables and views.

Session Manager Improvements

Session manager was improved. Cursor list now contains first part of SQL for each cursor and allows you to view the entire SQL text. Session statistics can now be filtered.

Database Explorer Enhancements

Database Explorer now stores navigation history. Different icons are available for different types of tables and folders. Column type and size can be displayed in the Database Explorer.

Start Page

Now OraDeveloper loads Start Page on startup, that provides fast access to the recent projects, common tasks, OraDeveloper online resources and help topics.

Other New Features

  • PL/SQL compilation warning support added.
  • Oracle Instant Client support added.
  • Date format can now be set for the Data Editor.
  • Same file can be included several times in the deployment order.
  • Table columns can now be created using copy/paste operations.

You can try out the new version of the product by downloading it at the OraDeveloper Studio download page.

To tell us what you think about the new release, visit the OraDeveloper Studio Feedback Page. We are looking forward to your comments and suggestions.