OraDirect .NET 4.00 Final Released!

May 03, 2007

Core Lab Software Development has announced the release of the final version of OraDirect .NET. This version of the product contains improvements in 4 development directions:

  1. OracleDataTable component with connected model abilities and provider-specific features
  2. Application development enhancement
  3. Advanced Oracle features
  4. .NET Framework 2.0 advanced features

The OracleDataTable component was greatly enhanced to give a database developer maximum possible flexibility and convenience. Now the component can perform data fetch sequentially and asynchronously, all at once or in paginal mode. Now you can choose whether updates are cached or not, you can establish server side master-detail relation.

With this version Core Lab ADO.NET Data Providers become a comprehensive solution for database developer, including more powerful design time features. New tools DataSet Manager, DataSet Editor, and DataSet Generator allow you to customize your datasets in fast and convenient way. New InterForm technology is designed to reference components on different forms in the project, which means centralized customization and ease of use. Together with a new DataLink component, the InterForm technology represents a way to setup data binding with the data source. Using this technology, the DataLink and OracleDataTable components bring you live data in the design time of the whole application.

The new version introduces support for many Oracle server features. OraDirect .NET now includes a rich set of classes for Oracle Advanced Queue technology support. A client storage for Oracle objects is added, which enables using objects in disconnected model. Moreover, now you can define your own object type and use it in conjunction with OraDirect .NET interfaces to persist the data. OraDirect .NET now supports advanced messaging between client and server with Oracle alerts and pipes.

Among the features suggested by .NET Framework 2.0, the new version supports Dependency, Data Source Enumeration, and Batch Update. The Dependency mechanism is designed to track changes in data on the server. The Data Source Enumeration feature allows you to list available servers. The Batch Update ability helps to optimize interactions with server. Furthermore, now you can manage provider-specific types, and they are supported even in design time and visual controls.

The Professional Edition of OraDirect .NET is now compatible with OraDeveloper Tools version 2.00, which reveals additional horizons in data management and server administration. For details on what's new in OraDeveloper Tools please refer to this announcement.

For detailed information on OraDirect .NET please refer to the product pages. If you wish to provide feedback on the new version, you can do it in our forums or by e-mail. We are always glad to hear your comments and take into account your development needs.