dbForge Studio for MySQL version 3.00 Released!

August 01, 2008

Devart announces the release of dbForge Studio for MySQL version 3.00, formerly known as MyDeveloper Studio.

This version includes a collection of essential features to simplify database development tasks, save time, and present new opportunities for professional work with MySQL databases.

Version 3.00 is divided into three Editions: Express (free of charge), Standard, and Professional.

  • Express — provides basic functionality for working with schema objects, user accounts, and SQL scripts. Express Edition is free!
  • Standard — includes all must-have tools for database development: Debugger, Query Builder, code templates, object search, various export and maintenance wizards, etc.
  • Professional — combines standard functionality with extended features required for professional database developers. It includes database project development, schema and data comparison tools, SQL code formatting and syntax check.

This is the list of all new features of dbForge Studio version 3.00.

Enhanced Database Project

Project building to an SQL script is available with support of different build options and build configurations. Project build includes SQL syntax check, reference check, scripts processing with applying database options, and generating the result script or several scripts based on the selected order. It results in a validated and ready to deploy script or a collection of scripts.

Project configurations allow you to create several profiles with different options and build order for deploying your project into different MySQL servers. Project refactoring amplifies renaming of a project object with automatic update of all the objects that reference it. You can preview all the changes and, if required, disable. Code completion list contains all project objects.

Schema comparison

Schema comparison tool allows you to compare and synchronize quickly either two schemas or a schema and a project. Based on your needs, a target schema can be synchronized with a source one completely or partially.

Data comparison

Data comparison tool allows complete or partial comparing of data between different schemas. Data differences are conveniently displayed. Comparing of views is also allowed.

SQL Formatting

Highly customizable code formatting allows you to set up various options for different statement kinds. SQL code can be automatically formatted while typing and reformatted with the shortcut. SQL Formatter wizard provides batch formatting.

SQL syntax check

You can check your code and quickly locate errors without using MySQL server. Syntax check of the entire database project is also available.

Brand new Query Builder

Query Builder has been completely re-designed and renovated to meet your needs. SQL syntax support is significantly enhanced. Intuitive UI provides visual creation of complex select statements without a single code line, convenient management of query properties, simple drag'n'drop addition of tables, and quick navigating. Powerful expression editor enables simple and accurate creation of complex conditions.

Extended Data Export

The number of supported formats for export is increased. It includes Text, DBF, HTML, MS Access, MS Excel, ODBC, PDF, RTF, CSV, and XML. Using well-designed Data Export wizard, you can set additional parameters for each exported format.

Support of new table features and storage engines

Now visual table editor allows you to create partitioned tables. Moreover you can create MERGE and Falcon tables.

Summary Window

Summary window is added for quick access to database object properties when browsing schema with Database Explorer. The window displays information about the currently selected database object or a collection of objects.

Import and Export of dbForge Studio Settings

After customizing dbForge Studio environment, you can effortlessly export your current settings, import new ones, or reset all to default ones within a convenient wizard.

Context-sensitive help

dbForge Studio provides "on the fly" support during your work. You can press F1 to quickly retrieve reference information about MySQL statements, keywords, data types, and built-in functions from SQL editor.

Download dbForge Studio version 3.00.

Tell us what you think about the new release, on the dbForge Studio for MySQL Feedback Page. We are looking forward to your comments and suggestions.