LINQ to MySQL and LINQ to Oracle Support Available in Beta!

August 4, 2008

Devart, a leading provider in solutions based on ADO.NET technology for the most popular database servers, announced today the first Beta of a new feature for our MySQLDirect .NET and OraDirect .NET - LINQ to MySQL and LINQ to Oracle support! (LINQ to PostgreSQL and LINQ to SQLite coming soon.)

What is LINQ?

Devart LINQ Support includes run time assemblies and a powerful Schema Modeler tool to help you generate entity models for your LINQ-powered applications. There are also documentation on the product and useful demo projects in C# and Visual Basic.

The Beta version of LINQ Support is available as a standalone package compatible with MyDirect .NET and OraDirect .NET. When Final version of LINQ Support will be released, it will be integrated into the products.

For more information please refer to the product's overview. Download LINQ Support Beta at the download page. The product requires MyDirect .NET or OraDirect .NET installed to function.

Feel free to test it and send us feedbacks or discuss at the forums. Devart LINQ Support is implemented very closely to Microsoft's LINQ to SQL, so your questions regarding the technology are probably answered already on miscellaneous technical resources.