Direct PostgreSQL Connectivity for Delphi!

December 22, 2008

Welcome Devart's new product - PostgreSQL Data Access Components. PgDAC is developed in the best traditions of our DACs product line and offers advanced functionality, high performance, and usual stability.

PgDAC is the only solution for Delphi that connects directly through TCP/IP protocol and does not use the PostgreSQL client library. As data is transferred from socket to storage without additional buffers, the PgDAC performance is kept on the highest level. Such technology helps to avoid restrictions and slips of the pqlib library, use features of PostgreSQL backend protocol that are not implemented in it.

PostgreSQL Data Access Components offers wide coverage of the PostgreSQL feature set and extended support of PostgreSQL-specific data types, and emphasizes optimized data access strategies.

Besides, PgDAC comes with full documentation, comprehensive help, a large amount of demo projects to help you get started quickly and easily, and offers support from its developers.

Try out PostgreSQL Data Access Components Beta on its download page.

If you have any suggestions or questions concerning PgDAC, feel free to contact us by e-mail or through the forum.