dbForge Data Compare for MySQL Helping in Modern Data Comparison and Synchronization Tasks

Latest MySQL data compare and sync tool offers fast and customizable comparison along with safe synchronization.

July 23, 2009

Devart has released today the first version of dbForge Data Compare for MySQL, advanced tool for modern data comparison and synchronization of MySQL databases. Its functionality fully covers the needs of both database administrators and developers, as it automates the diversity of tasks related to updating and migrating of MySQL databases.

Being part of dbForge Studio for MySQL, a company's bestseller product for MySQL database administration and development, the functionality of dbForge Data Compare has got approval of many DBAs and developers.

dbForge Data Compare for MySQL 1.0

The new version offers customizable and automated data comparison of any MySQL databases, enriched with extended custom mapping of identical tables, views, and even columns with different names. Convenient display of data differences automatically filtered by their difference plus filtering and sorting functionality remove many data comparison concerns.

dbForge Data Compare for MySQL generates a standards-driven synchronization script to guarantee the smooth synchronization. Several script outputs are available.

Advanced work with SQL scripts and query files

The new tool features an integrated SQL editor with a dozen of essential options to view data in various modes, add, edit, or print it, view BLOB data, etc. It concentrates all required functionality to broaden capabilities for SQL scripts and query files management.

Free trial versions available

Download a free fully functional 30-day trial version of dbForge Data Compare for MySQL 1.0.

We are looking forward to your comments and suggestions. Tell us what you think about the new product on dbForge Data Compare's feedback page.