dbForge Studio for MySQL 3.50 with the Best Database Diagram for MySQL, Advanced Schema and Data Comparison, and More Features Released!

April 24, 2009

Devart has announced today the release of version 3.50 of dbForge Studio for MySQL, a cutting-edge administration tool and development environment for professional working with MySQL databases.

Since the beta version, up to 100 usability improvements have been implemented, so you get better insight and satisfaction as well as a total control over performed tasks through the modernized UI of dbForge Studio for MySQL.

Striving to speed up performed tasks, dbForge Studio offers compression to reduce traffic, while exchanging data with MySQL server, and makes the exchange quicker.

The new features of dbForge Studio for MySQL 3.50 include:

  • A new excellent database diagram

    The new version includes the best visual online database design tool for MySQL - Database Designer. It is indispensable for anyone who needs to build a clear and effective database structure visually and get the complete picture representing all the tables, foreign key relations between them, views, and stored routines of the required database.

    It streamlines access to the database objects for viewing their properties, editing, retrieving data, and executing stored routines. The database diagram enables reverse engineering of databases to IDEF1X or IE diagrams, which can be easily printed.

  • Data comparison improvements

    While comparing data, dbForge Studio for MySQL 3.50 better caters for the diversity of data comparison tasks. Custom object mapping delivers more freedom in comparison - you can map tables, columns, and views with different names, map columns with different types, or map a table with a view. Always you can cancel custom mapping and return to the automatic one.

    Mapping process is more simple and clear, now you get detailed information about each mapped column and see warnings, for example, if a comparison key is set incorrectly. You can quickly find the required object for mapping using the Find box or filtering the list of objects by their status (the following are available: valid or invalid mapping, auto or user mapped, fully or partially mapped, included or excluded in comparison).

    New mapping options Ignore Case, Ignore Spaces, Ignore Undercores are added to let you customize the comparison. Data comparison of any amounts of data has been accelerated and now is 5-10 times faster delivering more customized and understandable comparison results.

  • Schema comparison improvements

    Schema comparison results management has become easier and quicker due to convenient filtering by object type, update operation, or status, quick search by object name, ability to group by comparison difference type and update operation or cancel grouping at all. You can grasp the comparison results even quicker thanks to their new representation.

    The new version offers more speedy synchronization process, moreover adds more visibility and control, as you can preview the synchronization script for any object in the comparison results to ensure the correct synchronization result on the first try.

  • Optimized approach in working with large SQL scripts

    The new version provides a special Execute Script Wizard to enable quick and convenient execution of large SQL scripts without waiting for their opening in the editor. It takes only to select the script and enjoy the executed result.

  • Other improvements

    A number of bux fixes and minor improvements have enhanced the product performance targeting better users' satisfaction.

Download dbForge Studio for MySQL 3.50 and add its features to the arsenal of your tools.

Use the dbForge Studio for MySQL Feedback Page to tell us what you think about the new version. We are looking forward to your comments and suggestions.