dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL 1.10 Becomes an Expert at Efficient Usage of Remote MySQL Servers

September 29, 2009

Devart today announced the release of dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL 1.10, a fast easy-to-use tool to compare and synchronize structures of MySQL databases.

The new version is essential for database developers and web masters who use remote MySQL servers while developing and updating modern large databases.

Unlimited database connectivity

It is good news for web developers working with remote databases, as employment of remote connections becomes as simple as local ones. No need to remember multi-step procedures using other tools, Schema Compare 1.10 offers totally redesigned HTTP tunneling with simple tunneling script uploading to the web site. To provide more flexibility while using SSH connection, public key authentication is supported.

Higher performance on large databases

Having passed multiple performance tests on large databases with all database objects, including hundreds of tables, thousands of records, possessing various data types, dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL 1.10 proved marked performance improvement as compared with the previous version.

Optimized database connectivity

In contrast to the prior version dbForge Schema Compare 1.10 reduced network traffic up to several times for performing such common tasks as opening connections, comparing and synchronizing databases, managing data in the Data window, etc. This proves that dbForge Schema Compare 1.10 is an indespensable tool for those who expect traffic limitations in their work.

Download dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL 1.10 now and expand your freedom while working with MySQL databases.

Use the dbForge Schema Compare Feedback Page to tell us what you think about the new version. We are looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

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