dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server 1.00 Released!

March 25, 2009

Devart development team has announced today the release of dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server 1.00, a sophisticated tool specially designed to meet your specific comparison tasks, help analyze schema differences at a glance, and synchronize them correctly, saving time and efforts.

The key features of dbForge Schema Compare 1.00:

  • Correct comparison of complicated schema structures

    Being often used in many industry sectors, schemas with complicated structures are not a trivial task to deal with. In contrast to similar tools, dbForge Schema Compare pays special attention to such schemas. It guarantees correct comparison and synchronization of such major database objects as tables, views, stored procedures, functions, users, roles, user defined types, schemas, and xml schema collections.

  • Automatic object dependency tracking and resolving

    dbForge Schema Compare compares all object types (even excluded ones) to find the objects not selected for comparison, but dependent on the included objects. When synchronizing the selected object types, the program will list the objects you need to include into synchronization to produce an error-free synchronization script, compatible with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

  • Partial synchronization

    While synchronizing the Target and Source databases, you can preserve required object properties in the Target database. For example, you would like to synchronize the column types, but preserve the primary key in the Target database after synchronization, you select the Ignore Primary Keys option and get the desired result.

  • Comparison between various SQL Server versions

    You can compare schemas both on the same or different SQL Server versions. Schema Compare supports SQL Server 2008, 2005 (including Express editions), and 2000 (including MSDE edition).

  • Highly customizable schema mapping

    Both automatic and manual (custom) schema mapping are at your disposal. You can use manual mapping to compare schemas with different names, do "one-to-one", "one-to-many", or "many-to-one" comparison.

  • Easy to use wizards for schema comparison and synchronization

    Convenient comparison and synchronization wizards guarantee quick and clear process completion and offer additional options to produce the desired result. For example, you can select only required object types to compare, backup the Target database before synchronization, choose either to execute the generated synchronization script or just open for preview, etc.

  • Quick comparison results management

    Besides a convenient display of schema differences, dbForge Schema Compare provides essential options to tremendously simplify their analysis and save your time. You can filter the comparison results by name or difference type, easily group by object or difference type, include only required schema objects into synchronization at a first glance.

  • Warnings on possible data loss and various notifications

    Before synchronization you will be warned in case the synchronization script may fail, data loss is possible, etc to ensure you will get the error-free synchronization script and the right result on the first try.

  • Synchronization script preview

    You can select any object in the comparison results and preview the synchronization script for it. This option is very convenient as you can check the script and be sure that you will get the correct synchronization and the desired result after it.

  • Enhanced working with query results

    You will get new opportunities for analyzing and processing received data the best way. With dbForge Schema Compare you can do the following:

    • Group, filter, and sort data in the grid
    • View data rows as neat cards
    • Display large bulks of data in the paginal mode
    • Work with binary and long text data fields using LOB (Large Object) windows
    • Find the required data using the auto-search mode
    • The data editor gives you a full control of the data update process with both cached and write-through update modes.
  • Friendly UI

    dbForge Schema Compare provides a good look and feel, so you will quickly learn how to use it to your advantage.

Download dbForge Schema Compare now and check the benefits yourself.

Go to the Feedback Page and tell us what you think about the new product. We are looking forward to your comments and suggestions.