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Advanced Comparison Approaches in New Release of CodeCompare!

August 19, 2010

Devart releases CodeCompare and CodeCompare Pro, v2.00 - Visual Studio integrated file and folder comparison tools. The products take specificity of programming languages into account that makes significant advantage in source code comparing.

CodeCompare still stays absolutely free and solves most of the tasks referred to the source comparing. CodeCompare Pro offers advanced features for sources comparison.

Version 2.00 contains the following features:

  • Structure comparison*
  • Moved block detection and visualizing*
  • Difference Explorer*
  • Folder comparison
  • Lexical parsing
  • Comparison pane swapping
  • Word by word comparison
  • Optional auto case ignoring that considers language specificity
  • Comparison in modal window in VS 2010 (useful when VisualSVN or TFS is used)

* Features related to code structure comparing are available only in CodeCompare Pro.

Structure Comparison allows comparing code even when some code elements have been moved.

Difference Explorer allows you to view structure differences and quickly navigate to them in source code.

Lexical Comparison gives a better comparison result as it takes into account lexical peculiarities of the source code language.

Folder Comparison shows differences between selected folders and allows you to compare separate files in them.

We sure that these features will help you in your work.

Download CodeCompare now and get one more professional tool for free.
Note: CodeCompare also provides a 30-day trial of CodeCompare Pro.

Tell us what you think about the product at the CodeCompare feedback page. We are looking forward to your comments and suggestions.