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CodeCompare Improves Its Performance and Offers Better Comparison Algorithm!

March 23, 2011

Devart releases CodeCompare and CodeCompare Pro, v2.60 - powerful file and folder comparison tools. The products take specificity of programming languages into account that makes significant advantage in source code comparing.

Current version provides the following new features:

  • Added big file processing optimization.

    Now you can scroll and edit big files really faster.

  • Added a new comparison algorithm.

    New algorithm allows you to compare files faster and better.

  • Added an ability to ignore comments and empty lines.

    Now CodeCompare skips empty lines during comparison and also allows you to skip comments in compared files.

  • Added horizontal layout.

    Now comparison panes can be placed underneath each other.

  • Structure comparison algorithm was enhanced.

    A mapping of lines between code elements (regions, empty strings, comments) was improved.

  • A dialog for same files was added.

  • An ability to change CodeCompare skin was added.

  • The close buttons were added to the document tabs.

  • Visual Studio integration errors were fixed.

We ensure that these features will help you in your work.

Download CodeCompare now and get one more professional tool for free.
Note: CodeCompare also provides a 30-day trial of CodeCompare Pro.

Tell us what you think about the product at the CodeCompare feedback page. We are looking forward to your comments and suggestions.